Father Turns In His Own 17YR Old Son After Finding Nude Picture Of Little Girl In His Phone

Posted On : 01/10/2018

A Missouri father is making headlines for his act of tough love toward his 17-year-old son. When he found disturbing photos in his son’s phone, he didn’t just delete the photos and look the other way. He decided to take real actions to teach his son a serious less about his actions. According to Fox 2 Now, Andrew Spensberger was turned into the O’Fallon Missouri Police Department by his father, Paul Spensberger. The photos he found in his son’s phone were so disturbing, he went the extra mile to seek justice for the victim and teach his son a lesson.

Disturbing Photos:

A probable cause report revealed Spensberger turned his son in on Saturday, December 30 after he found photos of a nude toddler in his iPhone. It has been reported that Spensberger confiscated the smartphone due to bad behavior. When he began looking through the phone, that’s when he noticed the disturbing images of the innocent child.

After further investigation, it was determined that the toddler in the photo was a family member of Andrew’s girlfriend. Andrew Spensberger is said to have admitted to investigators that he removed the toddler’s diaper and snapped two photos of her naked. He also admitted he reportedly had plans to sell the photos to an alleged pedophile classmate for $330.00.

Facing Charges:

The St Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has reported that Andrew Spensberger has been charged with Possession of Child Pornography – 1st Offense. His bond was set at $10,000. During a news interview, Paul Spensberger shared details about his son’s reaction to the charges. “He feels like s**t. He feels remorse and he is scared, he’s facing time in prison,” Paul is quoted on DailyMail.com. “I could go and get him but he needs to learn.”

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