Fashion Brand’s New Model Is Representing The Beauty Of Darker Skin

Posted On : 10/15/2018

Brands are now working harder than ever to make sure their models are from diverse backgrounds, disabilities and sexual orientations. Although there have been faux pas along the way (H&M anyone?), we have surely come a long way.

“You Can Be Dark But Still So Beautiful”

One beautiful bundle of joy who is a true win for dark skin representation, is little Jeremiah. 

The nine month old was chosen to front UK fashion retailer Primark’s autumn/winter range. His mom Gabrielle Louise could not be more proud of her son.

“I think diversity is important in modelling, as I don’t think there is much representation of dark-skinned people,” Gabrielle told “Jeremiah is from Nigerian and Ghanaian descent and I got him into modelling by signing him up to an agency. My son is quite rare as he has dark skin and I really wanted people to know you can be dark, but still so beautiful.”

Jeremiah Has Gone Viral

Gabrielle, a talent manager, says she is grateful to God for the opportunity to let Jeremiah model for a major clothing line. But she also has her eyes set on bigger goals for her precious boy.

“I think it would be good to work with more high-end products like Armani, or Hugo Boss,” she says.

Meanwhile Jeremiah is being admired by thousands on social media.

“His picture is currently going viral on Twitter and the comments have been overwhelming and they remind me how hard it was to be dark skinned growing up, but now people really appreciate it.”

“I really want him to progress with modelling and do more things with brands to represent dark skin culture.”

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