Family To Sue New York Applebee’s After 17-Month-Old Suffers Horrific Injury

Posted On : 10/14/2018

A horrific incident at a Applebee’s in New York has led to a toddler being severely burned by hot water. 

His Skin Started To Come Off

17-month-old Cadien Scott Gaffney suffered second degree burns at the Applebee’s eatery in Rosedale.

Caiden’s family went to eat at the location on October 5. They asked their sever for hot water because they wished to sterilize their utensils, PIX 11 reports. But when the server brought the water for the family, little Caiden was able to pull the cup of hot water onto himself.

According to the family spokeswoman, Kourtnei Patterson, baby Caiden began to scream in excruciating pain. His clothes began to “smoke” due to the intense heat of the water and when his mom tried to take them off, his skin started peeling.

Patterson says Cadien has not been the same little boy he was before the incident. She claims the toddler is constantly crying and is unable to sleep and eat. “He is a baby so he wants to play, he’ll get up and try [to play], but he collapses in pain, screaming bloody murder,” she said.  

“This is a family restaurant. They should have known better,” said family attorney, Sanford Rubenstein. “This shouldn’t have happened.” Rubenstein also claims the Queens restaurant did not alert authorities for 20 minutes, according to the New York Post.

He Has Been Unable To Sleep Or Eat

Applebee’s released a statement sharing that they were truly “saddened” by the incident and that their thoughts were with Caiden and his family. 

“After a thorough investigation and review of security footage and call logs, we are confident that our team members acted with urgency, calling for medical assistance while helping the family,” the company said in a statement. 

“We were unable to obtain the family’s contact information onsite, but would like to assist in any way that we can as we continue to cooperate with authorities. As always, the safety of our guests is top priority.”

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