Family Struggles To Understand Why A Father Took The Life Of His Daughter

Posted On : 04/14/2018

In Helena West Helena, Arkansas, Adrianna Woods was a young mother of a 2 year-old son with plans of getting married. Her fiancee’s family told WREG’s that Woods lived with her paternal grandmother, Vivian. It’s unclear why Vivian’s son and Woods’ father, Rumondale Jones, arrived to their home. While at the home, an altercation occurred and Jones reportedly stabbed his daughter along with his mother.

Father Snaps And Murders His Own Daughter:

It’s hard to believe that any parent could murder their own child. WMC Action News reports that 39 year- old, Rumondale Jones fatally stabbed his 20 year-old daughter, Adrianna Woods. When news spread of Woods’ death, the community was outraged as it was heartbreaking to learn that her own father was responsible.

It was heartbreaking because it’s your child. How could you do that to your child? neighbor Candris Robinson said to WMC Action News. 

See News Footage On This Story Below:

While the motive is unknown but what is known is that Woods and her father appeared to have had a turbulent relationship. Woods, the mother of a 2 year-old son, lived with Jones’ 61 year-old mother, Vivian. Police officers had often been called to the home where Woods resided with her grandmother for domestic disturbances. WREG reports that Jones spent time in prison and it is believed that he battled a drug addiction problem. Just hours before the alleged incident happened, police officers responded to the home. Jones was asked to leave the home but he returned.

Around 1:00 a.m. in the morning on Thursday, neighbors phoned officers as they heard several loud banging noises outside. When neighbors looked outside, they reportedly witnessed Jones repeatedly slamming his daughter up against a vehicle. While all of this occurred, Woods’ 2 year-old son and nine-year-old brother reportedly witnessed the incident.When officers arrived, they observed Jones reportedly stabbing his daughter multiple times. Witnesses say officers asked Jones to drop his knife as Jones allegedly lunged at the police officer. The officer could be heard by neighbors as Jones was asked multiple times to drop the knife. Jones refused and ran into the home. After running into the home, Jones was shot. He was shot again after he exited the home. Tragically, Jones and his daughter died on the scene. When officers entered the home, they learned that Jones had allegedly stabbed his 61 year-old mother.  She was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in has been reported as being in critical condition.

The community of Helena West Helena, Arkansas is outraged and has expressed their condolences. Below are some of the reactions from the community below:

What a shame! So very sad. Prayers for all of the people involved.

This is a sad story. I know the police officers who responded to the call at the house earlier must be feeling terribly bad at the moment. However, they aren’t mind readers, at the point in time when they first visited the situation probably appeared to be resolved. It’s also sad because a child is without it’s mother, hopefully there will be those who will step in and provide shelter and security for the toddler.

Thats sad it’s. To much killing going on in. That litter town west Helena Arkansas in nothing been done about it ! Is this man was not kill t would never. Be no arrest. It to much going on down there and nothing been done about it just saying my condolence goes out to the family 🙏

I used to live just a couple of houses from that very spot back in 01.. The whole town has just gotten so dangerous. Nowhere is safe. Even the rural areas are being invaded by criminals because, guess what, they know more people are leaving the city limits.

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