Family Matters Reunion — Jaleel White Pays Homage To Late Michelle ‘Myra’ Thomas, R.I.P.

Posted On : 09/29/2017

The Family Matters Reunion seemingly took us all back to a time when Black television made sense. However, aside from Judy, another person was missing.

As you know — while Jaleel White’s character, Steve Urkel, was busy chasing Laura Winslow — there was someone chasing Steve as well.

That was Michelle Thomas’ character, “Myra Monkhouse.” Unfortunately, Thomas died of stomach cancer in December 1998, before the show was canceled.

Michelle Thomas' headstone
Michelle Thomas was buried at Rosedale Cemetery


Jaleel remembers Michelle and says the reunion wasn’t the same without her.

Via Instagram, White mentions as follows.

“No reunion would be complete without me acknowledging our beloved Michelle Thomas. This little ray of sunshine gave me some of the best physical comedy moments I’ll ever play on screen. Michelle’s smile never failed to brighten your day and I will forever miss my bubbly Myra Monkhouse #RIP | 1968-1998 | I love you, Michelle.”

Yet, this isn’t the first time Jaleel has broken down about Michelle.

According to Hollywood Life, just last month, Jaleel broke down regarding his friend’s passing.


The chemistry between “Steve and Myra” was natural, all while that between “Steve and Laura” was forced.

Yet, in both cases, you had someone willing to give a person the world … all while that person didn’t want to give them the time of day.

This was a perfect illustration of how we chase after those who could care less about us than a little bit.


In addition, Jaleel wanted to also set a few records straight about why they did the reunion.

“No one was paid for our Entertainment Weekly gathering. It was done for YOU, the fans & to satisfy our own need to come together as a family.”

He also mentions that rumors regarding a Netflix reboot are simply untrue.

He says they’ve not been contacted by anyone at Netflix.

All in all though, Jaleel said it was an awesome reunion.

“Several members of the #FamilyMatters cast no longer reside in the state of California and they traveled quite a ways to share this one special day. And special it was! Darius is a fool (lol) Bryton (Not So Little Richie) is more mature than all of us now, Shawn and Kellie, you still have jokes…”

It was great to see everyone together, right?

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