Ex-Pussycat Doll Member Says Group Was A ‘Prostitution Ring’

Posted On : 10/16/2017

Several people have been encouraged to come out the woodwork with confessions regarding sexual harassment and assault since Harvey Weinstein’s investigation. Now, this.

On Friday, October 13, ex-Pussycat Dolls singer Kaya Jones — now, avid Trump supporter — took to Twitter to voice her past experience with the group.

Essentially, Jones alleged the group to be a “prostitution ring.”

But, are these “alternative facts”? Robin Antin — the group’s creator — definitely says so.


According to Kaya Jones, Antin was basically the “Madame” in charge.

Jones alleges that Antin forced members to “sleep with whoever they say.”

Via Twitter, Jones calls the tweet series her “truth.”

“I wasn’t in a girl group. I was in a prostitution ring. Oh [and] we happened to sing [and] be famous. While everyone who owned us made the [money]. How bad was it? People ask — bad enough that I walked away from my dreams, bandmates, [and] a $13 million record deal. We knew we were going to #1.”

Jones continues by stating: “I want the den mother from hell to confess why another 1 of her girl group girls committed suicide?

Tell the public how you mentally broke us,” Kaya expresses.

“To be apart of the team, you must be a team player. Meaning sleep with whoever they say. If you don’t, they have nothing on you to leverage. Yes I said leverage. Meaning after they turn you out or get you hooked on drugs, they use it against you. Correct. Victimizing the victim again.”

At the end of her tweet series, Kaya Jones mentions that she’s received death threats regarding the repercussions of confessing what allegedly happened within the group.


According to The Blast — corroborating her tweet about leaving the group — Robin Antin says Jones was never an actual Pussycat Doll.

The source notes that Jones left the group before the release of its debut album in 2005.

So, with that in mind, Antin says Jones’ allegations are nothing more than “disgusting, ridiculous lies.”

Moreover, Antin claims that Jones is just Pussycat reject who’s looking for her 15 minutes of fame. And apparently, someone’s about to end up in court over it.

According to the source, a legal letter is being drafted regarding the allegations. The source reports as follows.

“Antin is suprised Jones is even talking on behalf of The Pussycat Dolls, because she says Jones was actually just on a trial and never an official member of the group. She says Jones was just one of the many girls that auditioned for the group over the years, but ended up washing out and never became a permanent fixture.”

All in all, what do you think about it all? Who’s telling the truth? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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