Epic Fail, Boston Police Department Celebrates Black History Month With Tribute To The Celtics’ Former Coach

Posted On : 02/12/2018

In a Sunday night tweet that has since been deleted, the Boston Police Department completely missed the point of celebrating Black History Month. The message highlighted the former coach and president of the Boston Celtics Red Auerbach. While he may have given Black athletes and coaches like Bill Russell well-deserved opportunities, Auerbach is a White man and is celebrated in Boston during the remaining 11 months of the year.

The post aimed to highlight some of the Celtics legend’s accomplishments by pointing out what he did for Black people in basketball.

“In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth we pay tribute to the @celtics legend #RedAuerbach for being the 1st @NBA coach to draft a Black player in 1950, field an all African-American starting five in 1964 and hire the league’s 1st African-American head coach (Bill Russell) in 1966,” the post read.

The Twitter-verse was none too happy about Boston PD’s blunder and wasted no time calling them out for it.




The feedback was so bad that Police Commissioner William B. Evans had to issue a statement of apology for the thoughtless and insensitive post.

“On behalf of the Boston Police Department, I offer my sincerest apologies for last night’s social media post on Black History Month,” Police Commissioner William B. Evans wrote. “The tweet was insensitive and does not reflect the values of the Boston Police Department.”

Whomever runs the department’s Twitter account finally got the message and eventually removed the post. They also offered an apology late Sunday night.

“BPD realizes that an earlier tweet may have offended some and we apologize for that,” Boston PD tweeted. “Our intentions were never to offend. It has been taken down.”

Twitter users remarked that Black History Month is already recognized in the shortest month of the year, so it is important that the focus stays on the many accomplishments of Black people–a concept that should not require any explanation. Rather than risk blowing it again, Boston PD recycled a post from Feb. 3 to replace the deleted one.

“#ICYMI: In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth we pay tribute to Bill Russell, one of the greatest @celtics of all time and the first African-American head coach in the history of the NBA when he was named @celtics coach on November 15, 1966,” the tweet said.

Better safe than sorry, right?

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