Entrepreneur Starts First Ever Black-Owned Toothpaste And Mouthwash Brand For Children

Posted On : 05/25/2018

Meet Philip Garner, the founder of Garner’s Garden.

He is the first African American entrepreneur to manufacture and produce his own line of toothpaste and antibacterial mouthwash.

He prides himself on using all-natural ingredients such as organic neem, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.

Children Love Garner’s Garden

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Phillip says kids are excited to use his oral care products because the packaging resembles super heroes that look like them.

The entrepreneur believes it is important to use Black cartoons that children can not only relate to, but also look up to as role models.

Therefore it makes the task of enticing children to brush their teeth more of an event, rather than a task. 

Why Target Children?

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Philip says that dental issues are very common in the African-American community, especially among children.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 42% of children ages 2 to 11 have had untreated decay and/ or fillings in their primary teeth.

“These statistics are alarming, but with our new products for children, these type of oral health issues can be prevented and in some cases, reversed,” the businessman says.

Philip Struggled At First To Make A Profit

Phillip was so passionate about his product he spent 2 years selling his products at farmers market.

In 2015, he launched his website but the first year of online sales were weak – he only made $3,000 in revenue.

Determined, he decided to continue to grow his business organically through word of mouth and direct marketing.

By the end of 2016, Garner’s Garden had achieved over $65,000 in revenue revenue.

In 2017, the company brought in $225,000 in revenue, all from direct marketing via social media and production out of his basement.

Phillip has now branched out to also selling skin and hair care.

For more details and/or to purchase from Garner’s Garden, visit www.garnersgarden.com or follow the brand on Facebook at www.facebook.com/garners.gardn

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