Mom Outraged Over Elementary School’s Slave Game — Students Must Interact With ‘Massa’ To Pass

Posted On : 05/03/2018

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA — It’s quite obvious there’s an agenda in the works within these United States. Now, public schools are integrating “slavery” activities into young students’ influential workload.

According to Facebook user Shane-Muffin Smith, her son came home with one of the strangest assignments ever — one that should make any Black household extremely uncomfortable and offended, at the least.

Mom Outraged Over Elementary School's Slave Game — Students Must Interact With 'Massa' To Pass

The mom says the game is called “Flight to Freedom.” Students take on the role of “Lucy King,” a 14-year-old girl who is attempting to escape a Kentucky plantation, as says the developer’s description at Education Week.


“My son elementary school lesson…I’m beyond pissed,” Smith mentions in her post regarding the North Penn School District. “My son will not sit in class and feel less than while others feel superior.”

In Smith’s post, she includes a recorded video of her son interacting with the software program.

Her son explains: “So, if I…waste time and I leave, he’ll stop me” — referring to the game’s slave master.

Slave master: “You girl! You finished your morning work?? You’re about the laziest negro this side of the river… You’re gonna take care of the smokehouse too, today — since Henry can’t do it! You’re gonna put some damp…wood on the fire, and chop some more for tomorrow. And here’s the key for the door. Make sure to lock it up when you’re done. Don’t want no slave stealing meat!”

Via one of the comments, Smith elaborates that she was told by the school’s principal the assignment was part of a “colonization” lesson.

Here, check the video for yourself.

WARNING: The following footage contains offensive material. Viewer discretion is advised.

It’s truly infuriating that a public school district would allow such a thing and think it’s “okay” for elementary students — especially since they’re required to play the role of the slave.

According to the concerned mother, there are 22 students in her son’s class, and 6 of them are Black. Moreover, while it may or may not affect other kids in the class, Smith’s son says the program makes him “angry.”


As you could imagine, Shane-Muffin Smith wasn’t going to simply settle for this mentally manipulative assignment. She decided to take quick action.

Reportedly, that’s when she spoke with the school’s principal. Via Facebook, she mentioned as follows.

I went to the school and spoke w/ the principal and she said a Black teacher uses this video in class and she told the other teachers it was great to use for the kids colonization lesson. The principal said that the video was used in the [past] and no one never complained that it was an issue, but because my family said it was degrading and desensitizing, she has stopped the use of the video and all classwork associated with the video, and because it has made us feel uncomfortable she doesn’t want anyone to feel like that in her school.”

According to Smith, the principal was also waiting on word from the district’s superintendent, Curtis R. Dietrich.

“She’s waiting for the superintendent to give the okay to take it out of the classrooms and not to be taught at all,” Smith explained in her post, “but if the superintendent doesn’t say that and they have to continue with using the video then there will be letters going home to each and every parent explaining what subjects they will cover and if the parents want there child to participate.”

“She said that is the change she can make in her school, but the board has the ultimate decision,” Smith continues. “While change is always good, this is not good enough for me I still want answers. This school district is known for pushing issue under the rug when it comes to African Americans, but not this time I will be heard loud and clear…THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.”

Well, apparently, the superintendent didn’t want any parts of this potential press avalanche because he quickly terminated the program upon Smith’s complaint. Smith updated readers following the story with this post.

See how fast they move when you don’t let that s**t slide?? Dude was “rápido” with the game termination. They had to have known it was wrong.

According to Smith, the next school board meeting is scheduled for May 8, at 7 p.m.


Education Week reports that Kellie Castruita Specter, WNET’s senior director of communications and marketing, says they continue to stand by the game and its proposed “lessons.”

“Our goal [with ‘Flight to Freedom’ ] is for all students to develop a greater respect for African-Americans’ struggle and African-American history as a part of American history. Although we regret to hear that some people have found the game to be problematic, we stand by it.”

What’s more crazy is that this game was created, in collaboration, by a team of historians — including Nikki M. Taylor and Christopher Moore, who are both Black.

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[Featured Photo via Shane-Muffin Smith / Facebook]

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