Children’s Doctor Heals Bodies And Minds With Amazing Approach To Treatment

Posted On : 09/13/2018

When most people think of doctors, they envision a person with a big heart, a great level of compassion and the ability to empathize with those in need. But there’s one man taking those attributes to a whole new level. According to Insiders Edition, Tony Adkins – a pediatric neurosurgery physician assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County – is touching the hearts of young patients everywhere and bringing joy to young children by dancing.

‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’:

Now, you’ve probably heard of the old saying, “laughter is the best medicine,” but for Tony Adkins, it’s more than just a saying; it’s a way of life. Now he’s become a household name and his reputation is based on more than just his professional capability. In an attempt to cheer up a sad, little patient, Adkins once broke out into a dance and the somber, post-op experience quickly took an optimistic turn. The experience has led to a turning point in the way Adkins conducts his post-ops with patients.

Dancing is now an integral part of the recovery process.

The Power of Positive Energy:

While prescribed medications are the most common remedies for pain, Adkins has discovered that sometimes positive energy, a heartwarming smile, and genuine interactions with patients, can go a very long way. During an interview with Caters News Agency, he spoke about the importance of “preserving the magic of childhood.”

“What I’m doing is right in with CHOC’s commitment to preserving the magic of childhood and ensuring patients don’t have to put their childhoods on pause. Studies show that when people laugh, smile and become more interactive, the effect on the brain is more powerful than some pain medications. It has a clinical value as it allows me to assess a patient’s physical abilities, mobility, and recovery process.”

Get Up and Dance:

Adkins went on to recall one encounter with a patient who didn’t even want to get out of bed. However, all of that changed when he entered the room with a bright smile and positive energy. With an invitation to dance, Adkins’ level of enthusiasm was contagious and not even sickness could keep his patient in bed.

“I recently had a patient who was reluctant to get out of bed after surgery, but when I came in one morning to see him, an invitation to dance got him out of bed and moving. After we finished dancing, he kept going and starting doing laps around the hospital floor – it was awesome to see.”

The ‘Dancing Doc’:

Since Tony Adkins has become quite popular among his patients, he’s now known as the “Dancing Doc.” Adkins also shared details about his patients’ heartwarming admiration for him.

“Nurses have told me that when patients get admitted to the unit, they will ask for me specifically,” Adkins told the publication. While he’s admitted he’s not a formally trained dancer, he’s always had a love for music. “I’m not formally trained in dance, but I’ve always loved music and movement.”

“There’s nothing better than seeing a smile on my patient’s faces or to hear them laugh — it’s self-care for me too,” Adkins added. “Nothing is more important than the health of a child, and I am so lucky to play an integral role in that.”

Kudos to Tony Adkins AKA “The Dancing Doc!”

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