Disturbing…New Mother Graphically Describes Horrors Of Emergency C-Section w/ No Anesthesia

Posted On : 08/06/2018

In today’s society, technological advancements have vastly contributed to the advancement of the medical field. Procedures that were once very difficult for surgeons to perform have been made much easier with technology and new medical breakthroughs. Patients have also benefited from these advancements because they aren’t subjected to as much pain as they used to endure prior to the implementation of anesthesia. But despite all of the advancements and breakthroughs, one woman was recently subjected to indescribable pain when she was forced to undergo a Cesarean Section without anesthesia. Now, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, she’s filed a lawsuit against the medical facility responsible for the botched C-Section.

The Nightmare C-Section:

On Nov. 16 of last year, Delfina Mota was rushed to Tri-City Medical Center for the delivery of her daughter, Cali. What should have been a routine C-Section ended up being one of the most difficult days of Mota’s life.  For most mothers, the birth of their child is a memorable moment, but unfortunately for Mota, the traumatic moment will likely be considered the most agonizing experience ever. When she was taken to the operating room, she was informed that no anesthesia was available.

During an interview with People magazine, she graphically recalled the excruciating pain she felt being cut open without anesthesia to numb the pain. The torture was so agonizing Mota revealed she passed out at one point during the botched C-Section. “I was crying because I was scared, I didn’t know what was going on. I was laying there and [obstetrician Dr. Sandra Lopez] was like, ‘We have to just do it,’” Mota told People. “That’s when I felt them cut me open. Nurses were holding me down … I could feel her cutting me and, with her hands, opening me. That’s when I passed out.”

Her husband, Paul Iheanachor, recalled when he realized something had gone terribly wrong. “I heard the most horrific screams you could ever imagine, multiple screams,” the 35-year-old told the publication. “Horrific screaming and then silence. That’s when I got really emotional and tried to get into the room. But there was a nurse outside the door and she prevented me from going in. All I kept saying is, ‘I know you guys didn’t cut her without any anesthesia.’”

A $25 Gift Certificate For The Pain:

He went on to blast the hospital for the botched surgery and their attempt to do damage control. Despite all the pain and suffering, the hospital reportedly had the audacity to offer a meager $25 gift card. “They kept asking what we remember. They tried to smooth it over and said, ‘These things happen,’” Iheanachor said. “They gave us a double room, so I could stay. They gave us a $25 gift certificate to the gift shop. They said, ‘Sorry for what happened, here’s a gift certificate.’ I feel like it was damage control. We were just in shock.”

Still Traumatized:

Although its been more than six months since the horrendous ordeal, Mota has admitted that she still hasn’t made a full recovery. In fact, she’s also admitted that she’s now terrified about the idea of going through pregnancy and “I still don’t feel like myself. It’s something traumatic. I’m scared now to have another baby,” Mota told the publication.

“It really took a toll on me. I have [post-traumatic stress disorder],” she added. “I did not feel connected with my daughter. I was really depressed and my stomach took a lot longer to heal. I couldn’t take care of her by myself at first. My best friend had to come over and take care of her for me because I could barely walk.”

Hospital Response:

In wake of the horrible allegations, Tri-City Medical Center has released a statement in the hospital’s defense. Despite the graphic reports about the C-Section, the hospital is denying the allegations. “While we normally don’t comment on pending litigation, the patient’s public discussion of the care she received during her emergency C-section compels us to address this outrageous allegation. The patient was administered anesthesia prior to the surgery. We are pleased that the baby is ‘healthy’ and ‘happy.’”

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