‘I Didn’t Do It’, Grandmother Of Chicago Toddler Found Dead Under A Couch Holds Press Conference

Posted On : 11/14/2017

Seven months after 17-month-old Semaj Crosby was found dead under a couch, police are no closer to finding her killer. Four women have been identified as persons of interest in the case and yet no one has been either arrested or charged. But Semaj’s grandmother, Darlene Crosby, and family friend Tamika Robinson held a press conference in an attempt to clear their names.

‘I Don’t Know How She Ended Up Under There’

On Nov. 7 at New Generation Harvest Church, the two women addressed those in attendance and called for Will County investigators to get justice for the toddler. Crosby made it clear that she knew nothing about how little Semaj ended up under the living room sofa. She had been strangled to death.

“I don’t know how she ended up under there,” Darlene said. “Why would I worry about her while she was in the care of her mother?”

The Timeline

Semaj’s grandmother claims that the last time she saw the little girl alive was on April 25 at 3:45 p.m. when her mother, Sheri Gordon, took her inside their cluttered and filthy home to change her diaper. Some 30 hours after Gordon notified authorities that Semaj was missing, she was found in the home decomposing. The Will County coroner pronounced the little girl dead on April 27 at 1:27 a.m. with her cause of death ruled as a homicide by asphyxia. Darlene thinks that Sheri is guilty.

“I know where I was,” Darlene said at the press conference. “I know what I saw. I told what I saw. I told what I did.”

Darlene continued to say that Semaj’s mother is likely guilty though she has no proof.

“Do I believe Sheri did this? Yes, I do,” Darlene said. “Can I say I seent her do something? No, I can’t.”

‘I Didn’t See Nobody Do Nothing’

Tamika Robinson chimed in claiming that she cannot accuse any of the other women. She said that she never laid eyes on Semaj that day.

“I can’t point the finger at Ms. Darlene, I can’t point the finger at Lakerisha, and I can’t point the finger at Sheri,” Robinson said. “I didn’t see nobody do nothing ’cause I have never even seen the baby.”

More Questions Than Answers

The case has been quite bizarre from the beginning. The baby’s mysterious death was already beyond unusual. Then there’s the fact that no arrests have been made. There was also a lengthy ongoing investigation into Semaj’s alleged abuse by the Department of Children and Family Services. A case worker had actually visited the home just hours before Sheri reported the toddler missing.

The family home then burned to the ground the day after Semaj was buried. Coincidentally, the Will County Land Use Department had just declared the home uninhabitable and investigators suspect arson.

But now with limited evidence and no eyewitnesses coming forward, a confession may be the only way that this case gets closed. Darlene said that she has nothing to hide. She wants the killer arrested and convicted. That’s what justice for Semaj Crosby would look like for her.

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