Diana Hunter: After 40 Years, The ‘Honey Bunches Of Oats’ Lady Retires!

Posted On : 09/14/2017

She will always be a part of our balanced breakfasts! Congratulations, Diana!


According to Buzzfeed, Hunter’s last day of work was Friday, September 1.

Christian Zamora, writer for Buzzfeed, was contacted by one of Hunter’s former co-workers via text message. That’s how he received the news of the cereal icon’s retirement.

You see, Zamora actually wrote an article about Hunter in May of 2016.

And according to the co-worker, Hunter was definitely excited to have seen and read Zamora’s previous article — in which he called her the “People’s Queen.”

As a look back into her time with the Post brand, Ebony reports as follows.

“Hunter began her time with the Post division helping to concoct the sweet and fibery goodness that is Honey Bunches of Oats at a factory in Battle Creek, Michigan. The jubilant personality we see in the cereal’s commercials is likely the reason the corporation chose to give Hunter the grandest of promotions by making her the face of the brand in 2015.”

According to Buzzfeed‘s article, the source also made mention of Progressive Auto Insurance’s “Flo” character and how she’s also a public icon when it comes to a public company.

However, in contrast, Buzzfeed notes that — unlike “Flo” — Diana Hunter actually put in work for the company she promoted.

Like, she literally put in decades with Post.

Diana Hunter - 'Honey Bunches Of Oats' Lady Retires After 40 Years - Photo I
Diana Hunter will forever be known as the ‘Honey Bunches of Oats’ lady. Even if you type that exact phrase into a search engine, she is your result. Hopefully, Post tosses a little “extra” into her retirement plan for helping give their brand such a positive vibe. Know what I mean?

All in all, a big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Diana Hunter for her many years of making our mornings bright!

Definitely, enjoy your retirement.

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