Detroit Lions Fan Respond After Being Called N*****s For Sitting During National Anthem

Posted On : 09/13/2017

Yesterday, we reported about the rude, racist business owner who posted the offensive photo of two friends sitting through the National Anthem at the Detroit Lions game. For those who missed it, a Michigan business owner –  identified as David Doptis of Restaurant Liquidation Auctions in Pontiac – apparently had a problem with two people’s decision to sit through the National Anthem. So he decided to share his opinion about it on social media. He snapped a photo of them sitting and posted it on social media. Then, he went a step further by captioning the photo, “Ignorant n*****s.” Needless to say, social media users wasted no time dragging him straight to hell. But now, the people he exploited are speaking out in response to his actions.

“No Words…”:

Instead of bashing Doptis, the two offered a noble response to the whole ordeal. The woman in the controversial photo – who has opted to only be identified as Stacey – recently shared her reaction to the photo during an interview with FOX2. When asked how she felt after seeing the viral photo, she simply said she had no words. She admitted everyone is entitled to their own opinion but he definitely went a bit too far when he posted the photo and made the offensive statement. “Everybody has an opinion.” However, she does believe Doptis may have thought twice about posting the photo if he knew he’d be facing such serious consequences for his actions. “He probably could’ve stuck with ‘he wishes we would’ve stood’ and I would’ve been like ‘OK,’ but to write that under our picture … no words.”

Defending Her Actions:

Despite the man’s opinion, Stacey is defending her actions for a reason many others can relate to. She explained how the offensive lyrics in the third stanza, which reflects on the murders of self-emancipated slaves, The lyrics are also a reflection of an America of the past and Stacey feels that in order for the country to move forward, things must change. The National Anthem lyrics and Doptis’ set America back hundreds of years. “We gotta build our country back together, we gotta come together,” she continued. “Whatever that may mean. But that’s going in the opposite direction. The racial slur, that’s going backwards.”

Hopefully, David Doptis has learned his lesson. He’ll probably think twice before posting anything on social media in the future.

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