Despite His Success, Bryshere Gray’s Mom Explains Why She Still Works (Video)

Posted On : 04/05/2017

download-82Andria Mayberry is the mother of Bryshere “Yazz” Gray who plays Hakeem Lyons on the popular television drama Empire. She was recently featured on The Real where she shared why she still works.

Meet The Mother of Yazz The Greatest:

The name Bryshere Gray might not ring a bell right away but when you hear the name, Yazz The Greatest, you definitely know who we’re talking about. Yazz The Greatest, whose real name is Bryshere Gray, has captured the hearts of many as he plays Hakeem Lyon on the hot show Empire. Grays plays the part of a young rap artist so well that he had us all singing “Drip drop, drip drippity drop“. Come on, I know I wasn’t the only one.

Not only as he wowed the audience on Empire but, he played a fantastic roles as Michael Bivins  in the New Edition biopic. It’s clear that Yazz is a star and he’s not going away.

Despite the fact that Andria Mayberry has a famous son on one of the biggest shows on television, she maintains that she doesn’t plan on quitting her day job any time soon.

Andria Mayberry was recently invited to The Real to promote her new book, Before Empire: Raising Bryshere Gray “Yazz the Greatest”. In the book, Mayberry talks about raising her son as a single parent and the difficulties she faced having a son with ADHD.

While on the show, she was asked why she continues to work as a nurse despite having a son with massive television success.

I been there 16  years. I love the nursing field and I’m an independent woman, Mayberry said, explaining that she would like Gray to “save his money.” I make my own money, she added.


Mayberry was asked to give advice to single mothers and she said the following:

Hold on. Stick by your children. It’s very important. We have to make sacrifices for our children. Whatever you’re doing, you have to educate yourself on it. Whether they want to be a doctor, an educator…you have to educate yourself.

See the clip from The Real below:

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