“Deelishis” From Flavor Of Love Goes Off After Fans Suggest That Her Butt Is Fake

Posted On : 04/23/2018

Former reality star and radio personality, Deelishis, is under fire as many people dragged the video vixen for allegedly having butt implants. Now, I don’t know where these people have been, but Deelishis has always been known for having an anaconda. Recently, to get people motivated for weight loss, the former Flavor of Love contestant posted a picture of herself in some very revealing athletic wear. After posting the photo, Deelishis received a barrage of hateful comments as people dragged her for having butt implants. Well, if you thought Deelishis wasn’t going to respond, you thought wrong.

Deelishis Gets Dragged For Having Alleged Butt Implants:

While Deelishis already looks great, the 40 year-old mother of 2, posted a photo of herself to show off her weight loss as she is proud of her body. It’s hard to believe that she once weighed 201 pounds. On her social media page, Deelishis has been very open about her weight struggles as she took to social media to show a dramatic before and after weight loss transformation. The curvy model stated that she wanted to be quiet about what she’d been using until she was certain that she could stand behind the products. It appears that Deelishis, whose real name is Chandra Davis, stands by products created by Body Complete Rx Slim-ER Kit. The kit includes a month’s supply of supplements, B12, and HCG drops, all of which help to aggressively curb the appetite and increase energy. While she has acknowledged that she has had plastic surgery, Deelishis is trying to find other ways to maintain her physique instead of going under the knife each time. To show that the products work, Deelishis posted a photo which highlighted her amazing body.

However, fans didn’t focus on her physical transformation. They seemed to only be focus on her butt and many alleged that the urban model had butt implants.

Check out some of their comments below:

Not only is her belly bottle look like burnt toe but she got a deflating deformed *ss

It looks like ur implant is about to drop, be careful, seen in the news this chick almost died from one of those things bursting

look closely, you can see the implant… that’s something they can’t hide after time bcuz the body is always changing And foreign objects inside the body that God created is not supposed to be there you can see the imprint on her *ss with her implant and starting to drop now you be the dummy

We know you already have work done so why lie about your *ss?

I don’t get it it’s not hating for stating the damn obvious and if you’re that damn self conscious even after you get the surgery you have mental issues idgaf no what nobody says these

Not feeling the best, Deelishis took to Instagram to address her haters as she boldly stated that her butt is NOT fake.

Deelishis Sets The Record Straight About Her Rumored Butt Implants:

Not holding anything back, Deelishis created a video to address her haters. Looking extremely pale, Deelishis informed viewers that she wasn’t feeling the best. However, she wanted to send a message to all her haters who made comments that her butt was fake. Stating that she didn’t like negativity, Deelishis clapped back by asking why anyone would follow her on Instagram just to spew hatred. Admittedly, Deelishis acknowledged that she has breast implants but she does not have butt implants. Deelishis shared that her but has never been perfect and that she’s ok with that. Known for her confidence and swag. Deelishis stated that men like her body and that they wished that they could be with her. In closing, Deelishis warned her followers to stop commenting on her pictures in a negative way.

See Her Video Below:

After Deelishis created her video full of curse words, her daughter Lexington Gabriella her some words of wisdom. Showing so much maturity, Deelishis’s daughter told her mom not to curse at anyone and that she really should ignore her haters. However, if she just had to address it,  Lexington told her mother to send her haters something.

See The Video Below:


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It appears that Lexington Gabriella is super smart. Wise woman!

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