Dedicated Young Father Who Walked 11 Miles A Day For Work For 7 Months Gets A Car From Co-Workers

Posted On : 02/14/2018

When Trenton Lewis got the news that he was going to be a father nearly two years ago, he embraced the idea and accepted the responsibility. For the last seven months, the now-21-year-old walked 5.5 miles to his job at UPS in Little Rock. When his co-workers found about the nearly 3-hour trek he would make each way, they pitched in and gave him a car. Lewis was blown away.

“I was emotionally moved,” Lewis told CNN. “My heart just fell.”

Remarkably, Lewis was never late for his 4 a.m. shift and has not missed a day of work. He was like a mailman who walked through rain, sleet, and snow so that he could earn a living. The young man was motivated to do something with his life when he became a dad. At the time of little 14-month-old Karmen’s birth, Lewis didn’t have a job.

“My pride is strong,” Lewis said. “Whatever she needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”

The effort to help Lewis was spearheaded by Patricia “Mama Pat” Bryant and her husband, Kenneth Bryant. The couple was impressed with the young man’s determination and started raising money. Mr. Bryant found a white 2006 Saturn Ion and made the seller an offer that no decent person could refuse.

“For a young person to decide in their mind, ‘if I don’t have a ride, if I can’t get a ride, then I’ll walk,'” Mr. Bryant said. “If a guy can do that, we can pitch in to help.”

The employees at UPS came together and raised nearly $2,000. Many didn’t even know who Lewis was, but his story was enough to convince them to make a donation. Mr. Bryant served as the collector and then made the purchase. After fixing the car up a bit, a team of his co-workers joined Mr. and Mrs. Bryant in the parking lot to make the surprise presentation. They lured Lewis outside under the guise of a quick union meeting, but then gave him the keys to his new car. Lewis is beyond grateful.

“God always has something for you,” Lewis said. “I’m never going to forget this ever.”

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