Death Of 22 Yr Old Black Man Ruled Homicide After 4 Police Officers Struggled With Him

Posted On : 05/15/2018

The death of black man who died during a struggle with white deputies has been ruled a homicide.

Keeven Robinson tragically died on Thursday in Gretna, Louisiana.

The 22-year-old lost his life following a struggle with four deputies who’d been tracking him as part of a drug investigation.

His Cause Of Death Was Asphyxiation

On Monday, a coroner revealed that a preliminary autopsy indicated the cause of death was asphyxiation. There was evidence of traumatic neck injuries.

Those injuries could indicate excessive force was used during his arrest.


Cops Believed He Was A Drug Dealer

Robinson’s devastated family is calling for an investigation by an agency other than the local police department.

Local law enforcement said Robinson had been the target of an undercover drug investigation.

They believed he was dealing narcotics. 

The 22-year-old was at a gas station in the New Orleans suburb on Thursday when he reportedly noticed narcotics agents approaching him. 

When he pulled over at a Shell gas station Thursday, Robinson saw the detectives coming and entered his car before driving away, hitting one of the detectives’ cars on his way out of the gas station. The detectives, who wore plainclothes but displayed their badges, chased his vehicle a block up the street until Robinson struck another one of their vehicles. He left his car and took off on foot, jumping over several fences as police ran after him, Lopinto said.

As he was trying to drive away Robinson crashed into two vehicles before abandoning his car and taking off on foot. 

Four deputies caught up with him in the backyard of a nearby home, resulting in a physical struggle. 

During The Struggle Robinson Stopped Breathing

Detectives and paramedics performed CPR on Keeven, and he was taken to hospital but could not be revived.  

At the time of the arrest Robinson was unarmed, but a gun was found in his vehicle.

He also had heroin in his possession, reports say.

All The Deputies Are White

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto confirmed that all four deputies involved in Robinson’s arrest were white, but refused to identify them by name.

He said they have each been read their rights and are cooperating in an investigation.

‘I understand that this investigation will be under a microscope,’ Lopinto said. 

‘There’s no doubt [the deputies] used force,’ Lopinto said. ‘It’s whether the force was excessive.’

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