Dead: Matador Trips On Cape, Bull Gores Him In Chest

Posted On : 06/19/2017

While peace relation among countries is bad right now, it doesn’t seem any better between humans and animals either. This bull was tired of the nonsense.

FRANCE — As SOON as the bull saw his man trip on his cape, it was over.

Unfortunately for 36-year-old famed Spanish matador Ivan Fandino, the bull didn’t care much about human relations.

One slip up…

According to CBS News, Fandino died on Saturday, June 17, after teammates removed his gored body from the fighting arena. The source notes as follows.

“Fandino’s lung was punctured by the bull’s horn when he got his feet tangled in his cloak. The incident occurred at the Aire-sur-l’Adour bullfighting festival in France. It wasn’t Fandino’s first fight of the day, as he had successfully cut off a bull’s ear earlier. As he was being transported from the arena, witnesses said that Fandino was saying ‘hurry up, I’m dying’ to fellow matadors taking him away.”

Adversely for Fandino, he succumbed to his injury and did die soon thereafter.

Below, you can watch the footage for yourself.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content and may be unsuitable for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

During the fight, the bull sustained serious injuries — and after the incident, he was put down.


Family and friends gathered and mourned as Fandino’s body was transferred from Mont de Marsan to the Amurrio funeral parlor.

Likewise, his fellow bullfighters paid homage in his passing.

CBS News reports Fandino is survived by his wife and daughter.



Human Society International mentions as follows via Washington Post.

“For the 1,000 bulls brutally killed in French bullfights every year, every single fight is a tragedy in which they have no chance of escaping a protracted and painful death. Bloodsports like this should be consigned to the history books, no one should lose their life for entertainment, human or animal.”

And probably, in hindsight, Ivan Fandino’s family agrees too.

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[Featured Photo via Getty Images]

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