Days After Donating To Worthy Cause, YG Angers Fans w/ Support Of NFL

Posted On : 08/09/2018

Last week, fans everywhere were applauding YG for his $150,000 donation to Girl Code LA. Now, it looks like he’s at the center of controversy because he’s ruffled quite a few fans’ feathers with his recent statement about the NFL. Despite all the drama surrounding the National Anthem and how Colin Kaepernick was basically blacklisted, YG is makin’ his stance clear. Although he supports Colin Kaepernick, he revealed he has no plans to boycott the NFL. So, how did this discussion come about? Well, the latest drama started with the NFL’s latest effort to curve the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

No Madden 19:

The National Anthem protest began two football seasons ago, but that still hasn’t stopped the league and its supporters from messin’ over Kaepernick. Now, EA Sports is throwin’ daggers at the famed quarterback. For those who don’t know, Colin Kaepernick was mentioned in Big Sean’s verse on the song “Big Bank,” which was featured on the Madden 19 soundtrack. However, fans won’t be hearing that part of the song on the popular video game because Kaepernick’s name has been edited out of the lyrics. It’s obvious the league and its supporters are determined to totally dissociate Kaepernick’s name from the NFL.

Of course, many people have voiced their frustrations about the edits to the song. In fact, both Big Sean and YG have taken to social media to voice their displeasure over the decision and it didn’t take long for EA Sports to release a statement addressing the change to the song.

But despite the shade bein’ thrown at Kaepernick, there’s one artist who is unbothered by EA Sports’ decision: YG. When YG appeared on The Breakfast Club, he admitted that he’ll still be supporting the NFL and watchin’ games during the 2018 – 2019 football season. “I’m supporting Kaepernick, but I’m watching the games. Cause I’m a sports n*gga,” the rapper admitted. Then, he went on to share a different perspective that has fans scratchin’ their heads. “But if I was in the NFL, when bro took that knee, I would have took that knee with him. Because, I know they’re trying to put him in a twist for the reason he took a knee, but he was talking about the other shit. All the police killing blacks, and shit getting swept under the rug – that’s why he was taking a knee,” adding, “because I’m Americanized. I just love the NFL. And it’s already over with.”

For those who don’t know, the CEO of EA Sports personally called YG to apologize for the censorship of the song. So, could that be the reason why he’s still supporting the NFL? Well, regardless of his reason, fans are feelin’ some kind of way.

Fans’ Reaction:

As expected, YG’s interview has garnered an array of reactions. Fans believe the company is only doin’ damage control to protect the brand and make sure game sales are up to par. In a nutshell, fans aren’t buyin’ the apology and they don’t think YG should either. To most fans, you can support one or the other, but its quite difficult to do both.

After a flood of complaints, EA Sports released a statement apologizing for the so-called “error.” It was also confirmed that Colin Kaepernick’s name would be put back in the song.

What do you think about YG’s statement and his support of the NFL? Share your thoughts.

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