[Video] Dave Chappelle Finally Meets ‘Dylan’

Posted On : 08/14/2017

The “Making the Band” episode of The Chappelle Show was one of Dave’s most memorable sketches. Here’s the motivation that made him “spit hot fire.”

LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK — Dave Chappelle and Dylan Dili showed nothing but love when the two met recently at the House of Vans.

They were able to trade off jokes along with brotherhood during their moments together. While Dylan says Dave helped propel his career, Chappelle adds that Dylan’s role also launched his career even further.

For those who grew up watching me… you know how epic and amazing this was,” Dylan mentions via Instagram.

According to an interview with Dylan,via This Is 50, he elaborated on what happened after Dave released the skit.

“David Chappelle, I mean first of all, we’re talking about one of the greatest of all-time…Chappelle busted my thing, my career, to the point where he put it on steroids. You know what I’m saying? I mean, to the point where I’m still getting paid off of that. Because here’s the thing, you take a joke and everybody’s like, ‘Aight, they cracking on you.’ But the next question is: ‘What is he up to? What kind of music does he have? Can we book him?’…Shout out to Chappelle.”

[Video] Dave Chappelle Finally Meets 'Dylan' For The First Time - Dili Interview
Dylan Dili interviews on This Is 50 and talks music and Dave Chappelle skit.
If you’ve never seen Dave’s skit for yourself, here are a couple of clips from the “Making the Band” episode.


All in all, there’s no bad blood between the two for the skit. It’s just brotherhood, understanding, and success.

That’s the way it should be, right?

…..more to come.

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