Mom Abandons Toddler With Pregnant Teen Daughter For Months, ‘Don’t Call 911’

Posted On : 08/08/2017

This mother stuffed her toddler’s decomposing body inside a box. Now, she’s looking crazy as she pleads guilty. This woman deserves to be UNDER the jail.

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Kellie Phillips, now 40, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and child neglects.

On Thursday, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Phillips stood before District Judge Douglas Herndon with tears in her eyes. When the charges were read and she was asked how she pleaded, she then whispered “guilty” to both charges

The source says they carry a prison sentence of between 10 and 25 years.

Here’s what happened…

In October 2014, Kellie Phillips left 3-year-old Bessie Lachaux in the care of her 17-year-old daughter — of whom was also pregnant — while she and the toddler’s father, Jondrew Lachaux, stayed out of town in Oakland, California for months.

Jondrew Lachaux mugshot
Jondrew Lachaux’s mugshot

***Even crazier, according to the 2015 indictment, Phillips’ daughter was actually impregnated by the toddler’s father…her stepfather.***

Anyway, while the parents were in Oakland with their five other young children, the teen daughter and the toddler were forced to fend for themselves.

According to the source, the teen gave birth in the couple’s home by herself, receiving no prenatal or postnatal care!

Eventually, they all — the teen, her infant, and her toddler sister — became malnourished. Likewise, since no one paid the gas bill, the heat was turned off.

The Review-Journal reports that, in March 2015, the teen finally called the mother to report that the toddler — “who had breathing problems for which she took regular medication” — had fallen “gravely” ill.

The source further reports as follows.

“The couple discouraged her from calling 911 and instead told her to ‘perform lifesaving measures’ on the toddler, according to the indictment. The couple told the teen they would contact help but never did, and the child died in the teen’s care.”

After the toddler died, the stepfather told the teen to clean the room where Bessie had died. Then, he told the teen to stuff the child’s body into a box!

Stepfather returns…

Later, the stepfather returned to the home from Oakland in order to help move the box into a car in the garage.

After this, he filled the vehicle with pizza boxes.

He then gave the teen some baby formula and kicked her out,” reports the source.

After being kicked out of the house — by her stepfather, whose baby she birthed — the teen and her infant lived in and around McCarran International Airport for many day.

The source says the baby became “critically ill.” That’s when airport staff called 911.

After being taken to a hospital, the baby survived.

Fortunately, Kellie Phillips and Jondrew Lachaux no-good a**es were arrested in April 2015.

The source notes that Lachaux’s case is expected to go to trial later this year.

If they did these two kids like this, there’s no telling what was happening to the other five in Oakland. Were they living alone in Oakland, like the teen in Las Vegas? Or did they take those five kids to Oakland with them?

Too, where are they now?

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