Is This What Prom 2018 Looks Like? Here’s Why This Photo Is Trending

Posted On : 04/18/2018

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Prom season is here again. And while we’ve seen some crazy wardrobes, this one takes the cake. What are your thoughts, here?

A Facebook post by Sada James has been receiving a lot of feedback, both bad and “good.” The post shows a photo of a couple seemingly dressed for prom 2018.

As you can see, both are decked in similar blue and orange-like designs. However, while the guy is suave for the alleged occasion, his date is a bit…revealing.


Several commentators have stated that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge, especially if they didn’t buy the dress. However, possibly quadruple that number are opposed to the very idea of their daughters going anywhere — let alone, prom — like this.

“I see some of y’all don’t care if your young daughters dress like hoes the way y’all defending this f**kery,” Lynn Lynn, one of the Facebook users who commented on James’ post, says in disgust. “Now when r.kelly approach her don’t be mad when she leave home and submit to him.”

Nearly her whole a** is out for all to see. And while she’s presumed 18 years of age, it’s still a public function where there are both teens and adults in the vicinity. And still, it’s worse because you’d know your high school daughter is out looking like a piece of meat to thirsty adults who wouldn’t give a second thought to taking her down.


What American high school facility would honestly allow such an outfit into the event? It’s drastically improbable that this couple would get inside any prom in their current wardrobe.

Speaking of which, Facebook user Mekesha KP Gaylor mentions as follows.

“Someone said it was a college fashion show. But I’ve seen looks for this prom season and this pic isn’t even the worst. They put on craziness to take photos and show up only to be turned around at the door. I don’t understand wasting that kind of money, but hay. What do I know!”

Luckily, after a little more digging, we found out this was the product of an ASA fashion show held at Georgetown University — not someone’s high school prom, as James’ had posted in her caption.

Below are the real posts from the fashion event.

Here’s another photo from the event.

According to Facebooker Hope Reene Kimble, the woman in the photo is actually a 21-year-old volleyball player with a full ride to the university — for all those who were commenting she’d never amount to anything in life.

So even though a picture is worth 1,000 words, sometimes it takes a little more than that number to understand its context — especially when you have people simply grabbing photos from around the Internet and pasting their own captions to them.

You have to do your research.

While Sada James did pull a fast one — accumulating over 60,000 shares, 10,000 comments, and 4,400 reactions on her post — this is definitely not a photo from the 2018 prom year.


In a post by Muva West, her cousin burst into tears when he saw his girlfriend come down the stairs.

“I promise if my future husband doesn’t have this same reaction as my Little Cousin did when he seen his girlfriend dressed up for prom when I come down that [aisle] I don’t want it!! Lol.”

Nevertheless, all in all, we’d love to know your thoughts about the photo, its disproved context as well as its verified one. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via Sada James / Facebook]

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