Disturbingly Dangerous Sex Trend Called ‘Stealthing’ — Here’s What We Know

Posted On : 04/25/2017

It’s dangerous. It’s nonconsensual. It’s a violation! “Stealthing” isn’t smart and could cause all kinds of problems, ranging from disease to unwanted pregnancy. Here’s what we know.

It’s no secret. People can do stupid things during sex. However, while this isn’t exactly “new,” it’s still just as dangerously foolish as ever.

Some people have never heard of its technical name, but they’ve possibly experienced it — or know of someone who fell victim to the tactic.

Now, it seems to be a trending sex exploit.


Stealthing happens during sexual intercourse. It’s when a male decides to go “raw” without the female knowing. Essentially, he starts off with a condom, but sometime during intercourse, he slips it off and continues without one.

Surely, you can imagine the types of problems this could present.

One, it’s not consensual. According to the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, it’s actually considered sexual assault. The source states as follows.

“Such condom removal, popularly known as ‘stealthing,’ can be understood to transform consensual sex into nonconsensual sex by one of two theories, one of which poses a risk of over-criminalization by demanding complete transparency about reproductive capacity and sexually transmitted infections.”

According to Alexandra Brodsky, lead author on the article, she found a group where men encourage other men to “stealth” their sexual partners — as reports New York Post. So, this is an epidemic for real.

It’s Not Just ‘Bad Sex’

As mentioned, Brodsky mentions that it’s a really common experience. However, she notes that it often gets cast off as “bad sex.” But, it’s actually assault.

In January, as reports Independent, a man was convicted of rape because he “stealthed” a woman during sex. The source says that the woman would’ve said “no” if there was no condom. So, since he removed the condom, it was the same thing in the court’s eye.

You know…what if that person has a disease and spreads it willingly?

Some people just don’t care. It’s not a game.

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