Dallas Sportscaster: ‘If You Don’t Think White Privilege Is A Fact, You Don’t Understand America’

Posted On : 09/26/2017

UNITED STATES — It’s some mad folks in America TODAY! After Dale Hansen set the record straight, you can’t help but pass along this tea so others to sip. Here’s the cup.

Dale Hansen is a United States veteran who served in the Vietnam War, and he has a lot to say about Amerikkka’s fake “patriotism.”

Here, take a listen.

Hansen’s video has received overwhelming praise and promotion — and for good reason.

White Amerikkka needs to hear it from someone who looks like them.

Especially, too — since they love to use the “you must not have served in the military” line — Hansen adds the perfect “veteran” degree into the mix as well.


This is also their go-to when discussing NFL players and their protests.

People state that they’re multi-million-dollar athletes. “So, who’s oppressing them?” TOTALLY missing the point.

Twitter user, @Slattern, elaborates on this topic best.

“These stupid memes always mention the players are millionaires. This anger has nothing to do with patriotism. It’s envy and racism.”

@Slattern couldn’t have said it better!

Nevertheless, let’s not also forget…


Somehow, Trump has also gotten “these people” to believe the players’ protests are about the national anthem, itself, the flag, and military.

***Which, the “Star Spangled Banner” IS ACTUALLY trash when you look at its lyrics.***

Yet, Colin Kaepernick stated clearly, when he began his protest, that he was against police brutality against unarmed Blacks, social injustice, and the many injustices Blacks face in this country when it comes to equality and equity.

And, THAT is why he’s kneeling. It hasn’t nothing at all to do with national anthem. Yet, he’s just using it as a “vehicle.”

According to Nick Wright. when Kaepernick first started protesting, he was actually sitting during the anthem ceremonies.

However, after discussing the protest method with a former Navy S.E.A.L. — out of honor and respect — Kaepernick agreed to kneel instead.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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