Dad In Tears As Gov’t Takes Crying Son — Child’s Mom Is Ex-Felon, But It Gets Worse

Posted On : 07/10/2018

EAST ST. LOUIS, ILLINOIS — It’s not always fathers who are problems. Mothers can be just as troublesome. As you’ll see, this is a case that breaks your heart.

According to the father’s GoFundMe page, his name is Timothy Burch. He’s been taking care of his son — Kammarious Underwood — since he was 6 months old. Burch’s son is now 7 years old.

The father created the GoFundMe page on June 22; likewise, his cousin posted about the situation via Facebook.

As you can hear and see from the video, while Timothy Burch is overcome with emotion, little Kammarious is quite heartbroken as he tells his dad he doesn’t want to leave.

The source says Macon and St. Clair counties forced him to surrender his son. Facebook user Chaney — who uploaded the video — says Kammarious’ mother has been in and out of prison since 2010.

“She gets out of jail and court takes child from father and gives primary custody to mom,” Chaney states in his caption.

According to Burch, his son doesn’t even know his mother’s side of the family, let alone his mom.

“We are here looking to ask for help with a lawyer so we can bring my son home [due] to [an] unfair system,” he mentions via GoFundMe. If you’re interested in the video, you can check below.

Timothy Burch’s video has received over 15 million views since its June 22 upload. Likewise, several people have responded in support of the father.

Brandy Preatto makes an outstanding and accurate point regarding the situation.

“The system know that her raising him without the presence of his father is another black boy/men getting prepared for their system. It’s a plot against us and some of us are too shallow minded to see it. That boy is better off with his father and the system knows this. They want another future inmate…That’s it. She’s a multiple offender…what else could she teach this little boy to be. It’s sickening ?”

On the flip side, people have also spoken from the mother’s side. Yet, even in that, some say they chose not to interfere with their father/son relationship. For instance, Facebook user Ky Bella mentions as follow.

“I did jail time and my baby had to live with his father when he was just 14 months. When I got out, I wanted my baby back so bad; however after what I had put my child through by going to jail in the first d**n place, I just couldn’t come and mess up what my child had grown to know and become accustomed to.”

“I couldn’t bear to see my child in any more pain, any more hurt,” Ky states. “So I let him stay with his dad to not cause any more damage and beside his daddy was good to him; you could tell he didn’t want to leave him when I would pick him up but he finally got use to me. I tell him he has two homes lol he’s happy with that she should have let him keep his baby its sad.”

Nevertheless, what’s your take on the situation? Has anything like this ever happened to you or anyone you know and love? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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