[Video] Fed Up Customer Fixes Own Food After They Get It Wrong…AGAIN

Posted On : 04/19/2017

“You had one job.” Sometimes, it’s frustrating when — after sitting in the drive-thru forever — your order is completely wrong. Other times, it gets you totally fed up like this guy.

[Video] Fed Up Customer Fixes Own Food After They Get It Wrong AGAIN II

POPEYES — If you know anything about Popeyes, they have long lines. And long lines mean several orders. However, one of the crafts of the job is maintaining organization and order.

So when dealing with different personalities, disorder usually doesn’t present a solution in the fast-paced drive-thru. If anything, it makes the employees’ jobs that much harder.


This customer decided to “help” these Popeyes employees get it right. Although, his method wasn’t exactly orthodox.

From the moment he enters the restaurant, the man starts going off.

“I order the same mother-f**kin’ s**t every time I come in here!”

Apparently, he always asks for the two-piece, extra crispy.

[Video] Fed Up Customer Fixes Own Food After They Get It Wrong AGAIN

While some parts were inaudible, you can hear the man say that something else goes inside the box as well — which they continually forget it each time he orders.

WARNING: The following video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


Although things turned up real quick, there were no physical altercations involved. However, according to one of the employees, they did ensure to get the man and his license plate on video.

Yet, even in that, the young man let it be known he simply didn’t “give a f**k.”

Do you think the situation was that serious? Have any of you ever been frustrated to that point and felt like doing the same? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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