Video Of Cross-Dressing Men Entering Home Depot, Then Gift Card Heist Turns Violent

Posted On : 07/14/2017

A Florida Home Depot got a strange and unusual scare earlier this week when three cross-dressing men entered the store.

POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — At this point, nothing really surprises. However, this is definitely rare footage. Instead of ski masks, there were “gender changes.”

According to NBC 6 – Miami, 18-year-old Omar McCrae and 19-year-old Malik Taylor are accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of Mastercard and American Express gift cards from the store.

NBC 6 reports that robberies actually happened on two occasions. On June 22, they stole from a Lakeland Home Depot. And on July 6, they stole from the Winter Haven Home Depot.

The source mentioned, in both occasions, the suspects became physically aggressive. While they distracted store clerks with aggression, a third suspect — Exavier Walker, 20 — scanned and activated gift cards.

During the second robbery, McRae actually placed a 69-year-old woman in a chokehold. He’s the one wearing a light pink tracksuit.

Yet, according to Palm Beach Post, the trio also attacked a 73-year-old store clerk during the first robbery.

According to the news source Omar and Malik escaped Florida but were found in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Likewise, Walker didn’t flee and was located and arrested by Tampa Police. He will be transferred to Polk County.

Astoundingly, according to Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Malik has 60 previous felonies and 29 previous misdemeanors, including:

  • aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • robbery
  • fraud
  • battery
  • forgery
  • resisting arrest
  • fleeing to elude
  • burglary
  • petit theft
  • criminal mischief
  • and trespassing.

Likewise, Omar also has charges of:

  • prostitution
  • grand theft
  • petit theft
  • resisting arrest
  • giving false name
  • attempting to use another’s ID
  • and failure to appear.

That, people, is absolutely ridiculous. There’s nothing anyone could say to defend their names. This is pure foolery.

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