Couple Sentenced For Plotting To Murder Tattoo Owner Who Predicted His Death On Social Media

Posted On : 06/14/2018

Marcus Samuel, 38, the owner of a well-known, successful Detroit tattoo shop. Samuel who was also known Big Penn owned Body Graffiti Tattoos, aka Penitentiary Tattoos, on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. He opened the shop after serving time in prison. Samuel had a great sense of humor and he often used social media to generate laughs as well as to show off his success. His family maintains that the Facebook videos of him with jewelry and money were done in humor. Samuel also had a dark side to some of his videos as he posted videos where he predicted his death.

However, to some onlookers, the videos served as an opportunity to rob Samuel of his possessions. On March 27, 2017, Samuel was shot several times outside his Hummer vehicle in front of his home. It appears that his murder was planned by someone he trusted, his new girlfriend Brittny Fulwylie.

Marcus Samuel was allegedly set up to be robbed by his new girlfriend, Brittny Fulwylie.

Marcus Samuel Was Set Up By His New Girlfriend Who He Believed Was A Good Person:

Before Marcus Samuel was shot and killed on March 27th of 2017, Samuel reportedly told police he’d overheard a woman at his home conspiring to rob him. The woman that Samuel was referring to was 24 year-old Brittny Fulwylie. Fulwylie and Samuel were in a relationship. According to The Macomb Daily,  Samuel thought Fulwylie was a good woman as he planned to take her to his brother’s wedding. Samuel was going to be best man at his brother Ron Glen Jr.’s wedding. On the day of his death, he posted a photo of himself in his tuxedo.

I was looking forward to having him by my side and couldn’t wait to for his best-man speech, Glen said in court. Any of you who knew Marc knew how funny, sincere and perfect his speech would have been.

Samuel got permission from his brother to bring Fulwylie, whom he had met recently.

Knowing that I was usually skeptical about the women he dated, Glen added, Samuel ensured him that Brittny Fulwylie was a nice person. ‘She is a really nice girl and a really good friend. Her name is Brittny Fulwylie,’ Ron Jr. said Samuel told him. So I conceded. If he thought she was a nice girl and a good friend, he could bring her to the wedding.

Sadly, the same woman that Samuel believed to be a good person, would be responsible for killing him.


Samuel Depicted A Baller Lifestyle As He Posted Pictures Of Himself With Jewelry And Money:

On the night Samuel was killed, Fulwylie was at Samuel’s recently purchased home as they were spending time together. During their time together, Samuel left to buy alcoholic beverages at a store but while driving home checked the security devices at his home on his mobile phone. He noticed Fulwylie was talking to someone about robbing him. What Samuel didn’t know is that Fulwylie was in a relationship with another man, 24 year-old Donald Robinson. They had been in a relationship for quite some time.

Upon hearing Fulwylie’s plans of robbing him, Samuel notified the police. Family members believe that Fulwylie planned to murder Samuel as she believe he had money. Police officers instructed Samuel not to go home as they asked him to meet them at another nearby street. However, when officers arrived to that location, Samuel was not there. Police officers then went to his home  and his body was found lying next to his Hummer. According to the Macomb Daily, the plan had been for Robinson to escort Samuel into the home at gunpoint and steal from him. However, something went horribly wrong which resulted in Samuel’s death.

Brittny Fulwylie and Donald Robinson plotted to rob and kill Marcus Samuel.

Robinson and Fulwylie, both 24-year-old Detroit residents, were sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole by Judge Diane Druzinski in Macomb County Circuit Court for the 2017 shooting death of Marcus Samuel. Family members spoke directly to Fulwylie at her sentencing as they didn’t understand why she chose to murder a man who cared for her.

I have waited these 441 days to finally see the two of you, and I really only have questions, Why and for what purpose? If you knew him at all, you would’ve known he would’ve given you anything. He was a generous man, Glen Jr. said. Marcus was not a perfect person. His only fault was believing you, Brittny, were a good person

Fulwylie and Robinson each declined to make a comment as neither of them expressed their regret for their choices. Maybe they’ll ask for forgiveness in prison as they each have a long time to think about what they’ve done.

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