Couple Locks Themselves In Kitchen With Knife As Airbnb ‘SuperHost’ Invades Property

Posted On : 10/10/2018

An Airbnb host frightened a young black professional couple so much they were forced to barricade themselves in the kitchen with a knife.

He Jumped Through The Window

Jaleesa Jackson, 29, and Chiedozie Uwandu, 28, were on holiday vacation in Los Angeles.

The loving couple, who met at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, decided to rent a small guesthouse through Airbnb.  The pair both put in 14-hour shifts five or six days a week and is on-call around the clock. Needless to say, they desperately needed some chill time.

Everything seemed to be going well when their “super host” JJ welcomed them in with wine and a welcome note.

But later, as the two chilled in their temporary abode, their host jumped through the window demanding “cleaning fees.” Thinking it was a burglar, Uwandu, who is 6ft tall, jumped on the man, pinning him down with a knee in his back. 

But as the man broke free and ran from the house, Uwandu realized it was the same man who rented them the property.

Uwandu told the Boston Globe: “I had no idea what was happening. But I reacted like we were under attack.”

It Wasn’t His House To Rent

Jackson quickly called 911, after which police, helicopters and squad cars, were dispatched to the house.

They apprehended “JJ” and brought him back to the property in cuffs. To add to their shock, they found out that “JJ” had no business renting them the house in the first place.

The guesthouse belonged to an elderly lady who arrived on the scene in the middle of the commotion. 

The strange string of events started on their first night. Jackson says she awoke to a loud banging at the door at 5:30 am in the morning. She heard an angry man shout, “I know you’re in there, Kevin.”

Terrified, Jackson opened the door ajar and told the man to go away, before slamming it shut. 

When she rang JJ to tell him what happened, he replied, “Yeah, that was me. Sorry about the confusion. Life’s too short for me to give you an explanation. Have a nice time in LA.” 

Still reeling from that rude exchange, the man himself suddenly came through the window wearing a grey jumper with a hood covering his head. Uwandu tried to pin him down, but he managed to wiggle free. 

The frightened couple armed themselves with the biggest knives they could find in the kitchen. Then they barricaded themselves inside with a knife as they waited for help.

After the police arrived, one of the officers told Jackson and Uwandu that JJ claimed Airbnb told him to evict them over “cleaning fees.” Meanwhile Airbnb said the company would refund the $708 they paid to rent the guesthouse.

But it wasn’t until the story went public last week that the money appeared on their card. The company did offer to relocate them to another property, but the couple decided to check into a nearby Hilton hotel. 

They asked Airbnb for $5,000 compensation, plus five therapy sessions to “overcome the trauma.”

The company would only give Jackson and Uwandu $2,500 – which they turned down. A spokesman for Airbnb told the Globe, “negative incidents are extremely rare” and added that JJ, “has been removed from our community.”  

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