Cops Draw Gun On Colorado Man Cleaning His Yard, Protest Ensues Shortly After

Posted On : 03/13/2019

Cops Draw Gun On Colorado Man Cleaning His Yard, Protest Ensues Shortly After

On Friday, March 1, 2019, a Black man was cleaning his yard when he was approached by a White Colorado Cop. Zayed Atkinson, a college student at Naropa University, was simply tidying up outside and doing yard work before police confronted him. According to witnesses, Zayed was holding a bucket and another yard tool in front of the building where he lived. Ebony reported, that the Boulder Police Department observed Zayed sitting behind a “private property” sign in a partially enclosed patio. A Boulder police officer then asked Zayed if he was allowed to be on the property. The man then responded by telling the officer that he lived and worked in the building. Zayed even showed the cop his school ID card, but the officer still went to call for backup.

Witnesses began to record the incident and caught the confrontation on video. Zayed responded to the officer and said, “I live here. I am picking up my garbage from my ____ porch”, Black America Web reported. It’s unclear whether the officer assumed the man was holding a weapon when he noticed his garden tool. Nonetheless, the cop instructed Zayed to put the object down. In the video Zayed can be heard saying, “Don’t tell me what to ____ do. I have a right to be doing this. Are you going to shoot me or tase me, arrest me, and beat the ____ out of me like every other?” The Daily Camera reported that witnesses allege 8 officers showed up for backup with some of the officers arriving with guns drawn.

According to Ebony, “After the 16 minute long ordeal, the officers left without detaining the man” and on Monday a police spokes woman announced that incident will be looked into further. She told the local news that Police Department is “launching an internal affairs investigation into the call and the response, which is expected to take 60 to 90 days”. Zayed and the NAACP organized a protest in response due to feeling as though the incident should have never occurred to begin with. On March 11, Zayed Atkinson reportedly in front of the large crowd gathered in support and said, “I came out here today to take a stand for colored people everywhere, and not just colored people but all people and all life. . . . It’s not just about me and it’s not just about racial profiling.” He concluded by stating that police officers need to be a lot more aware of diversity when patrolling the streets. Thankfully no one was hurt/injured during the initial confrontation that resulted from an innocent man cleaning his own yard.

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