[Video] Cop Pulls Gun For Signal Violation, Man Goes Off!

Posted On : 09/08/2017

With the unwarranted rise of police brutality in the Black community, tell us what you think about this particular situation.

EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY — We know very well that police aren’t opposed to pulling you over for some bogus nonsense. That’s exactly what happened to Randell Minott.

According to Minott, this officer pulled him over for a signal light infraction.

Cop Pulls Gun On Man For Signal Violation, Man Goes Off - I
Randell Minott labels the officer’s actions as “prick s**t.”

As you’ll hear from the video, Minott mentions that the officer stopped him on the violation — even though no one was behind him to warn with the signal.

Likewise, Minott protests that the violation isn’t even the issue for his frustration. Rather, the issue is that the officer walked up to Minott’s window gun-drawn — as if he committed a “big crime.”

You can watch the encounter for yourself in the video below.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Since Minott uploaded his video, he’s gotten mixed responses from his audience via the comment section.

On one hand, people support his frustration and state that they fully understand his anger at the situation.

***I mean, this is the same traffic violation that conclusively ended with Philando Castile’s and Sandra Bland’s deaths — a “signal violation.”***


On the other hand, people are saying he was potentially escalating the situation into something bigger than it needed to be — given his verbal commentary.

Likewise, many want to see footage of when the officer walked up to the door with his service pistol drawn.

Facebook user Rims Richards states as follows.

“Give the man a break, u talking too much, he’s human just like all of us, he is doing a serious job, so he have to be on his point to stay live.”

To this, Minott responds accordingly.

“Give him a break after he shoot ya dumb a** or 1 of your kids.”

There are several more exchanges between Minott and his audience within the comment section, if you care to read them.

Yet, all in all, what do you think about this situation?

Should officers be able to have their guns drawn upon approach for simple traffic violations?

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