Cop Breaks Man’s Jaw Over Loud Music — Threatens To Do It Again If Sued

Posted On : 08/15/2018

Cop Breaks Man's Jaw Over Loud Music — Threatens To Do It Again If Sued

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — An officer with a long history of P.O.C. abuse cracked this man across the face, breaking his jaw … telling him, “Get on the f**king ground.”

According to Riverfront Times, St. Louis cop Adam Feaman — accused crooked police officer to the nth degree — broke 24-year-old Jamal White‘s jaw during a confrontation this time, a year ago.

With a flashlight in hand, Feaman proceeded to violently arrest White due to an alleged noise violation. In a released video, Feaman approaches White as he stands by his car, in downtown St. Louis.

Various times, Feaman ordered White to put his hands behind his back, without even stating why. So, White bolted. “I’m not under arrest!” he exclaimed.

Chasing White, Feaman shouted multiple times, “You’re under arrest!” But as the 24-year-old questioned why Feaman was attempting to arrest him, the officer thug struck White in the face with his flashlight — then again in the back of the head.

NOTE: The source reports that White’s lawsuit states officer-issue flashlights “may not be used as impact weapons.” This is an order from the St. Louis Police Department, itself.

The first contact broke White’s jaw, according to the report. Just before the second hit, Feaman told him, “Get on the f**king ground.” At the point, White was quite injured. Of course, they arrested him.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language and content. Viewer discretion is advised.


Feaman lied in his report. According to the source, he summarized the incident by alleging that White was “blading his body…in a fighting stance,” with “fists clenched.”

According to Feaman:

“Believing Jamal White was going to attack me…I attempted to stop his oncoming assault…attempting to strike Jamal White in the left shoulder.”

He also claimed White stepped forward, causing the flashlight to hit his face. But you know the video shows differently. MUCH differently.

Anyway, according to Riverfront Times — after White was released from custody — Feaman saw him at a local bar and began another confrontation.

Reportedly, it was a month later and Feaman had learned of a possible lawsuit in the works; so, he threatened to break White’s jaw again if he decided to sue.

The source says Feaman had to be escorted out of the bar due to the confrontation. Nevertheless, White did file that lawsuit almost a year after the August 14, 2017 arrest, and he’s seeking unspecified damages for excessive force.


Activist Samuel Sinyangwe and Campaign Zero obtained copies of various misconduct reports on Adam Feaman, and it looks like he has quite the history abusing and targeting Black men, specifically.

Raw Story describes some of that history as follows.

“A 22-year-old black man filed a complaint in 2010 accusing Feaman of using racial slurs against him during a traffic stop, and the next year another 22-year-old black man complained he planted drugs on him before another officer hit him in the face. A 21-year-old black man filed a complaint in 2012 accusing Feaman of punching him in the face, and two years later a 31-year-old black man accused him and other officer of stealing $400 from his car during a traffic stop.

Weirdly, a spokesman for the St. Louis Police Department told Riverfront Times that Feaman’s personnel records are currently closed and there was comment on whether or not the department has disciplined him. Yet, to note, Feaman has been a St. Louis police officer since 2003. It’s highly doubt this is only a recent behavioral change.

That’s quite the long time that the department has been oversighting his wrongs toward Black men.

And for him to boldly and brashly make such a statement in public — that he would break White’s jaw a second time if he decided to sue — it goes to show that neither he believes in serving and protect males in the Black community, nor does the department care enough to properly reprimand Feaman for his behavior … which further reinforces that of the same.

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