Consumed With Anger, Homeless Man Brutally Murders His Mother, Sister, And Her Friend

Posted On : 08/12/2017
Melissa Vanderhall, along with her friend Janel Simpson, and her mother, Lynn Reuchenbach-Vanderhall were beaten to death on Long Island.

Lynn Reuchenbach-Vanderhall, along with her daughter, Melissa Vanderhall, and Melissa’s friend, Janel Simpson were allegedly murdered by Bobby Vanderhall. Bobby Vanderhall was Lynn’s son and brother to Melissa. Bobby Vanderhall reportedly used a hammer to savagely murder women that he loved.

Here’s What Happened:

Bobby Vanderhall, 34, once lived in the home with his mother, Lynn Reuchenbach-Vanderhall, but he was asked to leave. According to the NY Daily News, an incident occurred in March of 2017 where Lynn had no choice but to ask her son to leave. Sources say that Bobby suffered from mental issues. He was allegedly disrespectful to his mother as he reportedly hit her and was verbally abusive towards her. Lynn Reuchenbach-Vanderhall was so afraid of her son that she had an order of protection against her son. On the day of the attacks, she locked her home to prevent him from entering.

Happier times, Lynn Reuchenbach-Vanderhall pictured with her children: Melissa and Bobby Vanderhall.

Early Saturday morning, around 1:20 a.m., a surviving victim was able to recount for police what happened when Bobby Vanderhall entered his mother’s home Long Island, New York home. Angry because he was locked out, Bobby reportedly went to the garage to obtain a hammer and he broke into the home through the basement door. Upon gaining entry into the home, Bobby viciously bludgeoned his mother to death in the living room. His sister, Melissa, realized what was happening and she tried to help her mother. Bobby allegedly used that same hammer to viciously beat her sister to death along with her friend that was visiting, Janel Simpson. Fortunately, there was a fourth victim that was able to escape. She suffered a fractured wrist and contusions, but she walked away with her life. The woman’s identity has been withheld but she reportedly is in stable condition at a Long Island Hospital.

Bobby Vanderhall, Jr. (pictured) killed his mother Lynn Reichenbach-Vanderhall, his sister Melissa Vanderhall and family friend Janel Simpson on Perry St in Hempstead, N.Y., early Saturday, August 12, 2017

Two miles away from his mother’s home, Bobby Vanderhall, Jr. was found sleeping in his car as he allegedly was homeless after being evicted from his mother’s home. The  6-foot, 234-pound man was arrested. Neighbors shared with reporters that he was Lynn Reichenbach-Vanderhall’s eldest son.

Bobby had good days and bad days, said one neighbor, E. Jerry, 50 to the NY Post. On his bad days he doesn’t talk. He would look at you as if he had never seen you before. On his good days, he will say ‘Hi, how are you.’ He didn’t talk much.”

Bobby Vanderhall has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. He was being held in Mineola and was scheduled for arraignment on Sunday.

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