Conor McGregor ‘In Too Deep’ After Assaulting Irish Mafia Elder, $1 Million Ransom

Posted On : 12/01/2017

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Conor McGregor is known to let his mouth talk more game than he can produce. Well, his quick-tempered fists reportedly just assaulted a “made” man.

You would think McGregor would’ve humbled himself after getting pummeled by undefeated boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather.


Conor McGregor is still out here talking trash and getting in people’s faces.

Apparently though, according to Irish Independent, while recently visiting a pub in Dublin, he got in the wrong person’s face during a confrontation with another man.

More than that — in the crossfire — he physically assaulted the elder, an associate of a well-known mafia.

Note: If you’ve ever watched any gangster-a** movies of our times — i.e., Goodfellas, Scarface, Godfather, American Gangster, etc. — one thing you don’t do is cross made-men … accident or not … and especially not with a bare-knuckle right/left cross. Maybe McGregor didn’t get the memo?


The Irish Independent reports McGregor assaulted a close associate of a senior Kinahan cartel member.

The source notes the man to be in his 50’s with close links to convicted drug dealer Graham “The Wig” Whelan, 35.

From the report, McGregor attempted to assault another man — as aforementioned — but Whelan’s associate tried to break up the situation.

That’s when McGregor punched him — not once, but twice in the face!

That makes Conor McGregor two times the fool.

The elderly man is said to be Whelan’s father, as notes Irish Sun. Honestly, you just can’t find this type of “luck” in the universe. Smh. Wow!

Note: And maybe he’s three times the fool. Paparazzi caught up with him as he was leaving traffic court. After being asked his thoughts on the threats against him by the Kinahan cartel, he responded, “Come and get me.

Check the video below.


The Irish Sun states Whelan isn’t the type of person to allow anyone to violate or get away with stepping out of line.

As of now, reportedly the Kinahan cartel is demanding a $1 million ransom from Conor McGregor.

A source told Irish Sun as follows.

“The man responsible is right to lay low. There’s already talk that they want €900,000 from him as compensation. They know he has the money at hand.”

Likewise, Gardaí — the Ireland police force — are aware of the incident, which happened on Sunday night, but no complaint has yet been made. SO, they’re not investigating the situation supposedly for that reason.

But, come on. Really? You should probably know that’s not the real reason they’re staying off it.

All in all, how do you think this will play out? Will Conor pay up? Or will Conor “pay”? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via @TerezOwens / Twitter]

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