Compton’s Water Right Now — First Flint, Now The Next Black City

Posted On : 04/27/2018

COMPTON, CALIFORNIA — So, they’re really trying to pull the same bulls**t as Flint, Michigan? If you have any trace of common sense, you know good and well that water isn’t safe to drink!

NOTE: Don’t you dare put a glass of that poison to your mouths. Please use common sense regarding this situation. Learn from Flint, folks. It’s definitely not safe.


According to ABC 7, Compton- and Willowbrook-area residents are angry. Apparently, the water they’re expected to use is coming out of the tap dark and rust-colored.

Residents say they can’t drink it or bathe in it. And, it needs to be fixed — like, yesterday.

Local resident Karen Lewis mentions as follows.

“When I see it, I’m depressed. I feel bad because I feel like they are not treating us like human beings…I want to see them dip children or their grandchildren in that water or drink it or cook with it. It is not safe.”

Likewise, Martha Barajas states: “We’re scared. We hear about all these illnesses that can come from dirty water and we are in fear.”

Interestingly enough, ABC 7 also mentioned that — on Tuesday, April 24 — Sativa Los Angeles County Water District held a press conference in order to explain an aggressive new program after reports of discolored water in the aforementioned areas.

“Four times a year, crews open fire hydrants to flush out the build-up of minerals from inside the pipes,” officials said.

They say the water residents are seeing is due to this “flushing” and it may be discolored. However, they assure residents the water does not pose any threat to customers.

……………………….yeah. And neither does Donald Trump or Kanye West…………….F.O.H.

If they’re flushing out a build up of minerals, of course it poses a threat.

Isn’t lead a mineral? Last checked, as mentions LennTech, it was a mineral.


The source says protesters screamed in outrage at officials representing the water company. Using common sense, they don’t believe the water is safe enough to drink and aren’t convinced the flushing works.

While State officials say the water tests show no signs of bacteria or any other health risk, the public isn’t stupid.

Accordingly, on Monday, California Water Boards inspectors were in the neighborhood checking water and collecting samples to see what’s in it.

“The company the other day gave some of the residents a chemical called ‘(Red)-B-Gone.’ It’s a rust and iron stain remover. They said, ‘Just put this in the water, and it will be OK,'” Attorney Mark Ravis said.

“All It does is just clear the rust, but it’s still in there, and there’s more chemicals in there,” resident Genoveva Camargo clarified.

ABC 7 says Ravis has sent a letter to the governor asking him to declare an emergency and provide drinking water for residents until they can find a permanent solution.

Yet, overall, local residents say they no longer want any water from the Sativa Water District. They want the district gone.

For real, they hope it gets shut down and obtain water from somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Niagra has donated 40,000 bottles of water to those residents.


Obviously, we’ve all watched how Michigan has handled this same situation in Flint. Now, several children have health issues due to lead poisoning. Again…lead is a mineral. It’s a metal, yes. However, its mineral abbreviation is “Pb.”

What’s the difference between this chemical attack and the chemical attacks in Syria? Flint has poisoned its Black residents for the last three years, at least.

Has anyone dropped bombs on Washington, D.C. for that? Of course not.

Was Flint a test run? So now, they move on to the next Black city and replicate the same thing?

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