Common’s Girlfriend, Angela Rye, Receives Death Threats — ‘Gonna Be Found In A River’

Posted On : 11/21/2017

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Common might have to squad up and restock his arsenal. Apparently, someone is threatening to harm his sweetheart, Angela Rye.

Angela Rye is a political analyst often seen engaging in intense, heated debates on CNN, sometimes against Trump-supporting analysts.

Well, Angela has been receiving increasingly dangerous stalker activity, according to TMZ.


The source notes that Rye’s harassment started shortly after she and Common began dating over the summer.

They weren’t public with the relationship until last week, as states Raw Story. However, someone has been watching the whole time.

Rye says she started receiving messages to her phone, social media profiles, and email. At first, she simply counted them as “annoying” and “derogatory.” However, they intensified with even harsher messages.

After a while, they became frightening. She found out someone has been following them around on their private, unpublicized dates.

Some of the messages specified visited locations no one knew about but Angela and Common.

TMZ reports that, on August 5, Rye received an email containing the following messages.

“Yr dumb dead a** gonna be found in a river … Let me catch ya a** I’m put the paws on ya.”


Luckily, the Los Angeles Police Department has identified the sender.

“LAPD obtained search warrants to dig through the sender’s social media,” TMZ reports. “They have his or her screen name, and we’re told the Threat Management division is on the case.”

Note: This goes to show you, people are absolutely crazy. You might think someone’s joking around with you. All the while, they can be crazy as all get-out. Let Angela’s situation be a lesson for everyone. Never take a stranger’s threats lightly.

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