And Here It Is! #NoKaepernickNoNFL Petition Gains Nearly 100k Signatures In One Week

Posted On : 08/07/2017

Well, the movement is happening, and Colin Kaepernick supporters aren’t joking around. Will you add your signature to this ever-growing list for justice?

LOCATION: DIGGING IN THEIR POCKETS — It’s not just about signing the petition, of course. This requires you to follow through with its demands.

Your name is simply showing NFL decision-makers the increasing number of people who won’t be giving their hard-earned dollars to their fortune.


Where can you sign?…

Well, it’s as simple as clicking the following link to sign your name.

According to, the NFL Boycott petition focuses on multiple areas — all of which will take potential money out the pockets of these unreasonable owners.

The boycott targets any NFL affiliation. In essence, here’s a bullet-list of what not to do, according to the petition:

  • Do not watch games…anywhere
  • Do not make posts about the NFL or your favorite teams
  • If you have NFL Total Access, Sunday Ticket, etc., cancel the subscription immediately
  • Do not attend stadium games
  • Do not purchase merchandise
  • Do not purchase merchandise from NFL sponsors

The petition mentions that NFL player rosters are 70 percent Black. There is real power in numbers. Everyone just has to be on the same page.

According to the petition, NFL owners have labeled Kaepernick “a distraction,” and that’s a large reason why they refuse to bring him on a team — supposedly.

However, they’ve also mentioned that he’s “bad for the brand” since he has an opinion, as reports Forbes.

So, where are the numbers?…

Right now, the petition has acquired nearly 100k signatures in only two weeks of its creation.

So, what about you? Will you help take the signature above and beyond its goal? Feel free to share your thoughts via our Facebook page.

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