GoFundMe Launched For Ex-Video Model Melyssa Ford, She Is In Bad Shape

Posted On : 07/09/2018

Model and reality star Claudia Jordan has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with the medical expenses of her friend Melyssa Ford who survived a horrific car crash with an 18-wheeler  last month. Apparently, prayers as well as donations are needed as Ford is in bad shape.

Claudia Jordan Launches Go Fund Me To Help Melyssa Ford After Near-Death Accident:

Former reality star Claudia Jordan is making sure that her good friend, Melyssa Ford is ok. Ford was in a horrible accident that almost cost the radio personality her life.  To ensure that her friend would be ok, with Melyssa’s permission, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover medical expenses for the model as Jordan stated that Ford is seriously hurt. Tragically Ford doesn’t remember much of what happened. In addition to funds, Jordan also asked for any witnesses of the accident to come forward do that they can fill in the missing pieces.

According to Essence Magazine, former video vixen Melyssa Ford was stuck by an 18 wheeler as she was headed to a friend’s bridal shower. Ford was driving a jeep and the collision caused her jeep to flip over three times. She sustained a skull fracture, concussion, and bleeding on the brain. It’s unclear if she has medical insurance or not. However, Jordan wanted her friend to focus on getting better and not to be worried about finances. The GoFundMe account has raised $16, 302 with a goal of $100,000.

It’s a shame I have to do this to let folks know the seriousness of @melyssaford ‘s accident (I got her permission first) but here it is. She was involved in a horrific accident that could have easily taken her life. It’s actually a miracle she survived. She’s injured FOR REAL. She doesn’t even remember this as she has a huge gash in her head and blood on the brain. This was sent to me by a Good Samaritan that didn’t know who he was helping but once he saw the story online he contacted me knowing we’re friends and he was following me. If anyone was a witness to this accident please inbox me any information you may have. As you can imagine Melyssa doesn’t remember much so I’m hoping witnesses will come forward and assist in putting the pieces back together. She was hit by an 18 wheeler. Respect to @manifesting_mary who was the first one to check folks for the poor taste “jokes”. The internet emboldens cowards… it also can shut em down as well. Everyone please send love and prayers to our friend @melyssaford ????

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Here’s What Jordan Had To Say About Her Good Friend Melyssa Ford On The Go Fund Me Page:

Melyssa is a sister, friend and confidant to many. Simply said…we all love her. Melyssa was involved in a near fatal car crash on Ventura Freeway this past Thursday, June 28th. Her jeep flipped 3 times after being    clipped by an 18-wheeler. She sustained a skull fracture, concussion and bleeding on the brain. She also has a 10-inch open wound that had to be surgically closed using stitches and staples with other severe gashes all over her body. THE 18-WHEELER DRIVER IS STILL ATLARGE! We are asking anyone who may have been travelling westbound on Ventura Freeway, Thursday, June 28th at approximately 12:37pm PST near Brand/Central Avenue exit, to PLEASE come forward with any information.

Melyssa is from Canada and moved to the U.S. like so many to pursue her passions and dreams. She is loved and respected. She is one of us and needs us. We need to surround her with love and the support to get through this. We are asking those closest to her and supporters who have shown an outpour of concern and well wishes to contribute to this GoFundMe established. In a time when the world seems to be spiraling out of control, miracles like this remind us of the one beautiful thing we all have in common and should be thankful for every day, LIFE.

FYI: Melyssa and I are good friends and I set this up because so many people wanted to help and there are so many expenses coming at her I wanted to make it where there was one less thing she had to worry about-so she could just focus on healing. Melyssa gets 100% of the funds-whatever we raise-it’s all hers to handle all the medical bills & physical therapy she will surely need. Thank you so much for stopping by this page and for caring.  This brings tears to my eyes seeing the outpouring of love and support. Thank you again.

Not only was Ford a former video vixen, but, she was also a castmate on Bravo’s Blood, Sweat, & Heels. Currently, Ford is a co-host on the Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored podcast.

We are praying for a speedy recovery.

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