City Refuses To Give Elected Black Mayor His Office Keys

Posted On : 12/15/2017

CAMILLA, GEORGIA — After winning the deciding vote, this mayor has a huge task in front of him. This city isn’t even desegregated. No joke.

Note: Here’s to all the quick-response people who love to chant “racism and segregation no longer exist” in America. Try to tell that to elected Mayor Rufus Davis.

According to CBS Atlanta, this is something most Americans thought was in the past. However, the city of Camilla, Georgia is showing its true face today.

The source says Camilla city council literally voted against handing over the keys to Mayor Davis’ City Hall office.

City Refuses To Give Elected Black Mayor His Office Keys - City Hall
Camilla, Georgia – City Hall building.

Can you imagine the type of audacious, unfulfilled self-importance these people must possess in order to even THINK they can get away with something like this??

CBS Atlanta reports that Camilla is comprised of a 70 percent Black population. With that in mind, its majority residents chose to elect a Black mayor.

However, Camilla city council reportedly says it’s not handing over the keys to Mayor Rufus Davis.

In an interview with Rashad Richey via 1380 WAOK, Davis discussed city policies of Camilla — and you’d best believe they’re something from the early 1900’s.

Note: Mind you, this city is where the 1868 Camilla Massacre took place. Several hundred Blacks marched 30 miles to Camilla to attend a Republican rally in protest of an unfairly ousted Black Republican representative (Philip Joiner) at that time. The Georgia Virtual Library notates as follows. **FYI: During that era, the Republican party was actually the liberal one that most Black people were affiliated with. However, after the Republican party’s political agendas changed somewhere along the way, most African Americans also changed their party affiliation to Democratic and vice versa. It has remained this way ever since.

“As the marchers entered the courthouse square in Camilla, whites opened fire, killing at least thirteen of the marchers and wounding nearly forty.”

City Refuses To Give Elected Black Mayor His Office Keys - 1868
A depiction of the historic-level corruption in Camilla.

It seems this fearful mentality still holds tight. According to Mayor Davis, currently in Camilla, Blacks aren’t allowed to be buried next to whites.

Likewise, all white children in the city go to an all-White private school. Yet, worse, there are ZERO Black police officers there. That’s just a few of the issues facing Mayor Davis.

Right now, he’s protesting his own city. Davis says he’ll refuse to sit in council meetings until his city is desegregated.

Given the stubborn nature of racist, prejudice America, how long do you think that will take?

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