Church Calls Police On Group Wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirts During Service

Posted On : 11/02/2017

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA — Apparently, Black lives don’t matter at this particular church of “Christians.” “Come as you are” simply doesn’t apply here.

According to Black Lives Matter Savannah’s Facebook page, a few of their members ventured into Bible Baptist Church and sat down to enjoy the service.

However, church members felt they were in so much danger that they called local police authorities to intervene the situation.

Via Facebook, BLM Savannah notes as follows.

“We were humiliated. We caused no disruptions at all. We sat quietly the whole time listening to the message before the cops were called. We are done with the issue and have decided to move on and hope the Church finds the real Jesus.”

People have had very interesting responses to this video.

For instance, take Tim Loveland — allegedly “CEO and Founder of Tim’s Car Audio Installation,” according to his Facebook page.

You see, Tim says Black Lives Matter is no different than ISIS to him. BLM Savannah invited him to one of their meetings. However, here’s what he had to say about the invitation.

“You don’t want me at your meeting. Black lives matter, antifa, isis… All the same to me… wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in any one of you terrorist cunts.. F**k you.”

Too, Barry Alford said they weren’t welcome at the church. Yet, when people asked him what he meant, he started naming off things they weren’t even showing in the video. Barry mentions the following statements, verbatim.

“Not wanted,,,pants down at your ass,,blm shit on your shirt,,Dont know a single bible guote and basically have no business there,,thugs not wanted,,hope that cleared things up for u.”

But, wasn’t Jesus’ disciples and apostles the “thugs” of their time? What happened to “come as you are”?

That’s “so strange” that these “Christians” aren’t really about Jesus’ teachings. (Total sarcasm.)

If only Emanuel AME would’ve called police when Dylann Roof walked his ACTUAL homegrown terrorist-a** through the doors.

Anyway, let us know your thoughts about this topic. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via BLM Savannah / Twitter]

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