Chris Singleton, Son Of Charleston Church Shooting Victim, Is Headed To The Major League

Posted On : 06/18/2017
Chris Singleton, son of Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, one of the 9 Charleston shooting victims.

Chris Singleton, son of  Sharonda Coleman-Singleton who was one of the nine victims brutally killed at the hands of shooter Dylann Roof, is headed to the Major Leagues.

A Joyous Occasion:

This time of the year is always difficult for Chris Singleton. It is a harsh reminder of the horrific Charleston shooting where Dylann Roof, a self-declared white supremacist, murdered 9 victims inside Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17th of 2015. Moments before shooting the victims, Roof allegedly prayed with them. One of those 9 victims was the mother of Chris Singleton, the Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton. Coleman-Singleton was a speech therapist and high school track coach.

Chris Singleton described his mother as “a God-fearing woman (who) loved everybody with all her heart. Chris stated that “If everyone loved the way she did, he said, hate wouldn’t have a chance”. At the time of his mother’s death, Chris was a baseball player at Charleston Southern University. Just before her death, Chris had  spoken to his mother by phone while she was at Bible study. He had called to ask where she had hidden the remote control in their house. She whispered that it was in the closet, tucked away so his little brother would not play too many video games.

That was the last time that Chris would speak to his mother again.

Chris serves as a parental figure for his siblings, Camryn and Caleb.

While this weekend was a solemn occasion for Chris Singleton, he now has something to celebrate as his dreams of becoming a major league baseball player is becoming true. According to WGN News, the World Series champion Chicago Cubs nabbed Singleton in the 19th round of the draft Wednesday. The Charleston Southern University junior center fielder started all 51 games this year, the school says, and was among national leaders with 10 assists. He also stole an impressive 18 bases. Singleton accomplished all of this while serving as the lone parental figure for his younger siblings, Camryn and Caleb.

In case anyone believes that the tragedy that Singleton experienced influenced the Chicago Cubs’ decision, Jason McLeod, the Cubs’ senior vice president of scouting and player development, is here to set the record straight. While they of course empathize with Chris, he is a very talented baseball player that deserves to be in the league.

We certainly understand and have deep sympathy for his backstory, but what I want to make sure doesn’t get lost is that this guy’s a really good baseball player, McLeod said to WGN. We had him evaluated really as a top-10-round-caliber talent. He’s a very mature young man. His faith and religion are priorities in his life. We’re really looking forward to getting (Singleton) into the organization.”

Chris Singleton took to Twitter to share the exciting news:

Congrats Chris! We know your parents would be proud!

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