Children’s Hospital Doctor To Black Employee: ‘You Want To Get Lynched?’

Posted On : 06/28/2018

WAUWATOSA, WISCONSIN — So, this doctor thought she could simply talk to a Black employee any kind of way? Thankfully, companies and organizations aren’t tolerating this BS any longer.

According to WISN-12, a doctor is no longer employed with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin after allegedly asking a colleague if she wanted to be lynched. The source says the incident happened during an employee seminar earlier in the month, on June 12.

On Wednesday, the victim of the offense — 23-year-old Siara Robinson — told the source what happened at the seminar.

Photo of Siara Robinson
Photo of Siara Robinson via screengrab.

She mentioned as follows.

“I didn’t raise my hand because I didn’t need any help. She then proceeded to say that in order for all of us to get help, we all have to raise our hand. And before I could ever raise my hand, that’s when the doctor said, ‘Do you want to get lynched?’ And at this time I’m just, I looked over, I looked over to her, and I was just like ‘Did she really just say this in a room full of people?”


According to the source, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin declined to confirm the doctor’s identity or discuss the allegation. Instead, the organization stated that “the individual involved in this situation is no longer employed by Children’s Hospital.”

However, the Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee spoke to the woman making the claim. Allegedly, the doctor’s name is Lori Wiorek.

When WISN-12 attempted to reach Wiorek for comment, the person didn’t respond. Yet, Fox News obtained a copy of an apology Wiorek allegedly wrote Robinson in response to the incident.

In the letter, it reads as follows.

“I would like to apologize to you for the word that I used. I was not even aware that I had said it until it was brought to my attention. I know it doesn’t make it right, but there was no harmful, racial intent behind the word. It was truly ignorance.”

According to Wiorek, where she comes from, the word simply means to “gang up” on someone — “in a fun way.”

But she states that, once she got home and looked up the word, she realized it had a much darker meaning.

“In my mind, it shows that things in our individual worlds can mean different things,” Wiorek states to Robinson in the letter. “I am sure that, in my childhood world, while the word meant nothing negative, it came from a very narrow-minded negative place.”

“I am a good person that made an ignorant mistake. I now know. I will work at eliminating that word from my vocabulary. I hope you will forgive me and not judge me as a bad person.”

If you want to read the entire apology letter for yourself, it’s located here.


“It shouldn’t take an army of us to have our voice heard, because if she’s saying it to me, what else is she saying or doing to others like me?” Robinson tells Fox News.

Like seriously, in this day and given the racial climate of America, who could possibly be that “ignorant” regarding the term “lynching”?

Anyway, as it turns out, Wiorek worked as a physician of speech and audiology at the hospital. According to Google, she had a 5-star rating.

A hospital spokesperson confirmed that an internal investigation was launched. Likewise, the hospital has deleted her page with lightning speed, it seems.

Children's Hospital Doctor To Employee - 'You Want To Get Lynched' — Now Fired Lori Wiorek Page Deleted
Lori Wiorek’s deleted profile on the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s website. Photo via screengrab.

Local Black Panther members confronted hospital security in a video of which surfaced via Facebook, Monday morning.

Black Panther leader King Rick told the source as follows.

“Our community was lynched back in slavery days and after that. We are angry and appalled and upset that this doctor would even use that word…Children’s Hospital needs to reach out to this employee to make sure that she’s OK, that she feels safe or if she needs some counseling. Because this is something that will scare anyone.”

This comes at a time when this particular hospital has been ranked as one of the country’s top medical facilities for children.

Interestingly, the organization has mentioned nothing regarding the incident via Twitter, although its been posting every day.

All in all, although doctors get away with a lot, it’s good to know companies and organizations are taking an active stance against racism and bigotry in this nation — regardless of “ignorance.”

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[Featured Photo via Amy Herbst / Twitter]

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