This Children’s Book Teaches Black Boys To Encourage And Respect Black Girls

Posted On : 04/05/2017

LOS ANGELES, California — This is what’s needed! It’s time for our little kings to know the value of our little queens. However, this book isn’t only for kids.

The artist and author’s name is Lawrence Lindell. He’s a native of Compton. According to Lindell, while growing up, all he heard and saw were negative rhetoric and images regarding Black girls and women.

He says it’s far-time to change the narrative.

From Black Boy with Love I

Huffington Post reports as follows.

“Artist Lawrence Lindell wanted black girls to know they have much more value than a lack of media visibility and derisive comments from peers may lead them to believe.”

Twenty-Four Pages of Inspiration

Since he wants a different image for Black women and girls, he created a book called, From Black Boy with Love. This book is for both male and female readers.

Essentially, it shows Black males — of all ages — how to treat Black females. Rather than talking down on them like the rest of society, this book helps reinforce the value in Black women and girls.

From Black Boy with Love

According to Huffington Post, Lindell says his words in the book go contrary to what he was accustomed to as a kid and teenager.

Likewise, he knows how harsh kids are on each other, especially nowadays. However, specifically pertaining to darker skinned Blacks, one of the first targets of ridicule tend to be skin color. Lindell mentions as follows

“The first thing they go for when teasing each other is hair, body shape and skin tone. ‘You ol’ nappy-headed, black-a** charcoal looking girl,’ ‘with yo ugly fat a**.’ We have to change the narrative that the more melanin you have means you’re uglier and that natural hair is bad or improper.”

From Black Boy with Love II

This Book Is for Everybody

These self-defeating tendencies often work themselves into adulthood, unfortunately — if gone unchecked. So, while the book targets children, it doesn’t limit its message to such a demographic.

“It’s not just about the relationship between black men and women, it’s the relationship between men and women, period,” Lindell expresses.

From Black Boy with Love III

He clarifies further.

“I’m black and my community is full of black and brown women who I love dearly and I wanted to make something for them. But we as men have a huge problem with how we talk, treat and think about women.”

And, he’s not lying. An enormous problem exists regarding the aforementioned.

From Black Boy with Love IV

So, maybe we have to focus on teaching them while they’re young, rather than trying to change old ways once they’re adults. As said, it’s difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. It’s cliché, but it’s also very true.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts about Lindell’s work? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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