Did They Go Way Too Far To Buy These Super Expensive Wedding Day Gifts?

Posted On : 09/25/2018

Wedding day gifts are becoming more and more elaborate. With brands like Gucci, Cartier, and Versace playing into the wedding game, these brands are now creating a category of gifts for the opulent bride and groom. We’ve all grown accustomed to buying gifts that range from $50 to even $500, but for many celebrities and entertainers with bulky bank accounts, they are now willing to go pretty extreme with the amount of cash that they are willing to fork over for wedding day gifts.

We found a few celebs who gifted their loved ones with crazy and outrageous gifts. The down side to gifting an elaborate wedding gift, is that if a gift goes bad, so does their publicity. That was the case for Kim Kardashian’s gift to her husband of 72 days. Additionally, when the gift is out of the ordinary, publicity is a gift that keeps on giving, and they never hear the end of it.

#1 Gucci Mane And Fiancée Keyshia Ka’Oir Swap Opulent Gifts

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#MrDavis and #MrsDavis

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On the eve of their wedding day, the couple couldn’t resist showering each other with love…and extravagant gifts. During their rehearsal dinner, the couple wore matching red formal attire and were all smiles as they swapped early wedding presents.  Before officially becoming Mrs. Davis, Ka’Oir gifted her groom-to-be with a necklace that says “Mr. Davis” and a diamond-encrusted bow tie chain that she requested he wear during their nuptials.

#2 Kim Kardashian’s Gift To 72 Day Husband, $325,000 Ferrari

Hollywood celebrities are not known for their long lasting weddings, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for a whopping 72 days before deciding to say goodbye to each other’s company. But the happy couple received a lot of generous gifts from the admirers including a $325,000 Ferrari from a Malaysian businessman.

#3 Steph Curry’s Heartwarming Gift To Sister

NBA superstar Stephen Curry and brother Seth surprised their sister Sydel, with a wedding gift at Elon University. Sydel Curry was a star volleyball player at the university.

Sydel graduated in 2017, and while sitting in the stands, Steph Curry annoiced that the Elon Univerisity women’s volleyball locker room was being named in Sydel’s honor. Neither the Currys nor the university divulged how much money they donated for the naming rights, but we’re sure it was a pretty penny!

#4 Perfume Worth $2350 Per Drop

According to reports, Clive Christian is the most expensive perfume set in the world. It comes packed in a 24 Carat Gold box and each drop is said to cost about $2350. The lucky couple who got this lavish gift were none other than Kate Middleton and Prince William.

 #5 Kim K. Received $98,000 In Cartier Bracelets

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The Don strikes again!!! #SoLucky!!!!!!

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#6 The $3 Million Dollar Watch

Well, this should have actually been #1 on the list, but it’s all insane! Angelina Jolie wanted to buy something extra special for her husband Brad Pitt, so she put down a $11,000 deposit to purchase an Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter. The collector changed his mind, so she bought Brad a 1952 Patek Phillippe platinum watch for $3 million. Well damn…she couldn’t get another typewriter?

#7 Kanye Gave Kim K. Burger King Restaurants!

Just in case giving the gift of one Burger King wasn’t enough, Kanye covered his bases and bought his wife Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings. Now Kim can “have it her way” all around the world. The Burger King franchises that Kanye purchased for his lady are located across the world. Burger King even offered to cater the dramatic duo’s multi-million dollar wedding.

Honorable Mention; NeNe and Greg Leakes

Well NeNe and Greg didn’t actually buy this $500 platter with a gold edge, but they did request it on their wedding registry. So I guess that’ll still make you ask, are they doing too much?

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