Can You Spot The ABSURD ‘Privilege’ In This TWO-HOUR Police Chase? [Video]

Posted On : 09/29/2016

Given the obvious excessive force shown against the Black community, why did this particular police chase last for two hours, stretching across multiple counties?

Mind you, this happened on September 28 and was NOT a high-speed pursuit.

Actually, if the video caption didn’t read “CHP Pursuit,” you wouldn’t even know it’s a police chase!

Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

A Low-Speed Police Chase

Remember learning about the “number line” in Algebra class?

Police chase had infinitely many chances it could have ended
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Likewise, there were “infinitely many” chances this officer could have ended this pursuit.

Ridiculous police chase in California
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Where was the officer the whole time? Right behind him, of course, many times while traffic was at a stand-still.

This officer could have ended this police chase in California
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How does a police chase even exist during rush hour?

This is the part that got me though.

“Let Me Get $10 On Pump 3”

While this Caucasian male led police on a two-hour chase through multiple counties, he was bound to run out of gas at some point, right?

But, not before the driver would COMPLETELY LOSE California Highway Patrol in a random dust storm!

Kanye West face at California Highway Patrol Police Chase
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They had both aerial and ground coverage on this 40 MPH police chase. And, he gave them the slip.

Dude was parked at Chevron for a good 10 minutes before he went inside the store.

It’s like he was waiting for the officers. After he came out the store, approximately 3 to 5 minutes later, CHP pulled into the parking lot.

Had He Been Black…

The officer got out the truck with his gun drawn. I guess he was tired of the driver’s s***.

However, I won’t spoil the ending for you. You’ll see it in the video below.

There are obvious differences in the way law enforcement handles Blacks versus Caucasians.

Had he been a Black man, there wouldn’t have been a chase.

Statistically, just bullets fired into the car door. They would’ve hit all kinds of P.I.T. maneuvers.

The whole nine.

Please, Watch This Nonsense

Anyway, here’s the video below. As mentioned, it’s two hours and some change long.

Chase coverage begins at time-marker 09:40 in the video. So, feel free to skip ahead.

**Honestly, anywhere you land will be equally as frustrating, guaranteed.**

Okay. Let’s name all the places “white privilege” showed its ugly head.

1. The whole police chase, start to finish.

It’s no mystery. It’s no puzzle.

Here’s a summary of the video. Enjoy.

This police chase was assuredly a “disappointing drop.”

Of course, no one wishes ill on the driver.

However, as hostile as police have been with the Black community, it’s intriguingly frustrating that police officers allowed this to go on for so long.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them below.

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