Cam Newton Raises A Fist After He Made History During Sunday’s Game

Posted On : 10/02/2017

While fans were busy booing NFL players who took a knee or waiting for Trump’s next tweet about the national anthem protests, you might have missed Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton make history. On Sunday, he became the first quarterback to rush for 50 career touchdowns.

But perhaps the way Newton commemorated the event will become an even bigger topic of conversation. As soon as the referee signaled the touchdown, Cam bowed his head and raised a Black power fist in the air. He said that he did it to represent for the culture.

“I did it to show Black pride, because I am an African American,” Newton said. “I wanted people to see the joy that I go out there and play with.”

Sports Should Unite, Not Divide Us

Cam went on to talk about how sports is supposed to unite people rather than divide them. He called for respect and tolerance which he believes are the keys to coming together. Newton also addressed Trump’s negative rhetoric about the national anthem protests.

“A lot of situations that is going on right now in our country is trying to cause division,” he continued. “We get nowhere divided. I stand for the national anthem. I don’t look down upon a person who doesn’t feel they want to. You have to respect another man’s judgment for why they are protesting.”

Kaepernick Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

Unlike many who have forgotten, Cam acknowledges why the protests started in the first place. Colin Kaepernick took a knee all last season to protest police brutality and racial injustice. Cam saluted the still-unsigned quarterback declaring that Kap made ‘the ultimate sacrifice’ and deserves to play.

“A person that does have the talent to play, a person that should be in this league, but I feel as if he’s not getting his just due because of his views,” Newton said according to ESPN’s David Newton.

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The most important message Newton wants to send as he joins into the NFL protests is unity.

“We get nowhere separated,” Newton said. “People feeling oppressed and people that are rich looking down on other people, you don’t get nowhere with that. We are all created equal.”

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