[Photos] Mother Gets Daughter’s Funeral Programs Designed Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Posted On : 12/14/2017

PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY, MARYLAND — After a designer found out someone died from her high school, she went all out to ensure her schoolmate was well-represented during her homegoing.

Caitlyn Gales Funeral Obituary Cover
Caitlyn Gales, 18. Photo Credits: Monica Stanley / Facebook.

Monica Key Stanley , owner of Gift of Graphics, LLC., took the initiative of designing funeral programs honoring the life of Caitlyn Gales, daughter of Tamekia Sims.

Caitlyn Gales Funeral Obituary Photo I
Caitlyn Gales’ homegoing was held on December 2. Photo Credit: Monica Stanley / Facebook.

When I saw that this young lady graduated from my high school, I had to put a little extra in,” Monica mentions via Facebook.

According to the program, Caitlyn Gales — born April 20, 1999 — died on November 23 at the age of 18. She attended Frederick Douglas High School and was very involved in the community.

Caitlyn Gales Funeral Obituary
According to her obituary, Caitlyn Gales had an extreme philanthropic heart. Photo Credits: Monica Stanley / Facebook.

Unfortunately, none of Gales’ online obituaries detail the cause of her untimely death. Via Tamekia’s page, several people have offered condolences to the mother, after viewing Caitlyn’s funeral program online.

Waveney Irving from Florida comments, “Can anyone tell me what happened to this young lady? This post makes me wish I’d known her.

There are multiple comments which offer similar regard to Caitlyn’s death. Yet, the only thing the public has to go on is Monica Stanley’s work.

Caitlyn Gales Funeral Obituary Collage
A look back on Caitlyn Gales’ childhood. Photo Credits: Monica Stanley / Facebook.

Via Facebook, she elaborated concerning her process during Caitlyn’s program creation — actually, all of her programs.

“I believe this is HOW A FUNERAL PROGRAM MUST BE DONE! I do not take what I do lightly. I am humbled that God chose me for such a gift! Before I start each funeral program I pray for guidance. I pray that God shows me what to create. Then I sit and wait…..then I begin.”

You can view a flip through of the program in the video below.

Our sincere condolences go out to Tamekia Sims during her loss. It’s definitely a difficult thing to lose a loved one — but especially when it’s your own flesh and blood.

As part of the program, Tamekia wrote a poem for her late daughter called “Our Bond.”

Caitlyn Gales Funeral Obituary Poem
Tamekia Sims says she will miss her daughter until the day she takes her last breath. Photo Credits: Monica Stanley / Facebook.

All in all, if you have any comments or condolences, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Monica Stanley / Facebook]

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