Woman Comes Home From Work, Finds Burglar Frying Chicken

Posted On : 04/18/2017

You come home from a hard-day’s work and smell the tasteful aroma of fried chicken coming from your kitchen. Only thing is…you’re supposedly home alone. This is what happened with this woman.

ALACHUA COUNTY, FLORIDA — You have to be a different kind of crazy to break into someone’s house. However, if you’re wild enough to stick around and “make yourself at home,” you just might belong in a psych ward somewhere.

Possibly for protection purposes, the woman’s name has been withheld.


According to Gainesville Sun, she came home from work and found a stranger in her kitchen having cooked and was STILL COOKING chicken, like it’s no big deal.

Woman Comes Home To Freshly Fried Chicken...By Burglar III

Not only was he being Burglar O’Lay, he was also drinking her Vodka.

Dinner AND a drink. Smh.

That man is Ronald Gregory Wesly, 34.

Woman Comes Home To Freshly Fried Chicken...By Burglar II

According to the source, he watched and waited until the woman had left for work. When there was an all-clear, Wesly broke into her residence and began his … … accommodation.

Eventually, he became hungry and thought to “rustle up some grub.”

Apparently, burglary takes a lot out of you. Maybe he needed nourishment? 


After the woman came home and found the man going “Food Network” in her kitchen, she did something about it.

The source doesn’t mention how Wesly was apprehended. However, it does note that he has two prior convictions for theft in Levy County.

The Gainesville Sun also reports that the man is being held at Alachua County Jail. Currently, no bond has been set.

Overall, we’d love to know your thoughts about this situation? What would you have done? Do you think she ate the chicken afterwards? Feel free to comment via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Alachua County Jail]

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