Burglar Breaks Into Amber Rose’s House And Hung Out For Hours While She Slept

Posted On : 05/18/2017

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Celebrity home burglaries are becoming a common thing now. Last week someone tried to break in 50 Cent’s house in Connecticut, now its Amber Rose’s turn.

Outside of Amber Rose’s House

Wednesday May 17th, in the early morning hours, model and TV personality Amber Rose’s, house was invaded, as reported on newsjs.com. The 33 year old single mother’s house was targeted by a burglar who entered the home by breaking a kitchen window and gaining access to the house through a pantry.

What’s creepy and scary, not to mention dangerous is that the reality star was home at the time…sleeping.

The burglar was reportedly in the property for four hours whilst Amber, her mother, her son, her assistant and her bodyguards all slept. Her assistant even got up at one point to make food when the burglar was still there.

It was only when Amber reviewed the security footage and saw the broken window that she realised someone had broken in and quickly called the police.

Her assistant had even gotten up to make a bite to eat, while the intruder was still in the home somewhere hanging out. Once Amber realized the broken window and called the police her surveillance footage saw the perp break in and about about 4 hours of chilling uninvited, he simply fled the home. There were no indications that anything was taken from the property.

Time to beef up security AmBie, we have no time to play with these coo coo birds. Glad no one was hurt.

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